Emmanuel Macron wants to reduce retirement age to 65, confirms Gabriel Attal

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09:07 : I remind you of the most important news of this Thursday, March 10:

#UKRAINE The heads of state or government of the European Union will meet in Versailles until tomorrow for a summit on… “European sovereignty”where much should be said about EU defense policy and finding alternatives to Russian energy.

#UKRAINE The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been going on for two weeks. The heads of diplomacy of the two countries are meeting today in Turkey. Yesterday a children’s hospital was bombed in the besieged city of Mariupol. Volodymyr Zelensky denounced a “war crime”

Emmanuel Macron will propose in his program the gradual postponement of the minimum retirement age to 65, confirmed Gabriel Attal.

PSG added another installment to its run of horrific Champions League disappointments: against Real Madrid, the Parisians slumped (3-1) at the end of the game and were eliminated in the eighth. A failure that must leave traces.

08:38 : Hey @Jules† Gabriel Attal has not specified the terms of this postponement “progressive” of the minimum retirement age (you will find everything he has stated) in this tweet† According to our information, Emmanuel Macron’s project would be to spread this decline over ten years, to reach 65 by 2032. Today this age is set at 62 years.

08:27 : Progressive, what exactly does that mean please?

08:19 : Emmanuel Macron’s project would finally provide a “minimum pension at 1,100 euros for those who have a full career”, says Gabriel Attal. The reform planned by the government in 2020 would have set this minimum at 1,000 euros.

08:16 : The pension reform promised by Emmanuel Macron also includes: “the abolition of the main special regimes”† It was already a linchpin of the reform project that the government had abandoned in the face of the Covid-19 crisis, which, on the other hand, would have raised the minimum age for full-out exit to 64, not 65.

08:13“In Emmanuel Macron’s program comes the proposal to extend the retirement age and gradually increase it to 65”says Gabriel Attal on RTLconfirming what was announced the echoes and franceinfo last night.

08:09Emmanuel Macron will propose the postponement in his program “progressive” from retirement age to 65confirms government spokesman Gabriel Attal.

07:32 : Hey @Marking† We actually didn’t talk about it yesterday afternoon, and you’re giving me a chance to make up for that mistake. Four small left-wing parties have expressed support for communist candidate Fabien Roussel: the Republican and Socialist Left (GRS) of Emmanuel Maurel and Marie-Noëlle Lienemann, former members of the PS who once supported Jean-Luc Mélenchon and then Arnaud Montebourg; New Socialist Left, which also supported the former Minister of Economic Affairs; the left-wing radicals (not to be confused with the radical left-wing party); and finally the Republican Movement, the party founded by Jean-Pierre Chevènement (who personally supports Emmanuel Macron).

07:32 : Hi Louis. I am surprised that France Info does not mention the campaign for Fabien Roussel’s candidacy of various personalities and left-wing parties. Good day.