Eric Zemmour faces the wall of credibility as the 2022 presidential election approaches

What happened to Eric Zemmour? This Monday, March 14, at the end of the special program “La France face à la guerre” on TF1, the far-right candidate appeared elsewhere. “It was the emotion”, de-mining his loved ones in unison. The former CNews slugger rattled off an apologetic conclusion and tripped over a slip: ‘I don’t promise you what I can keep. † He seemed to justify again [sa] decides to be a candidate at the time of measuring against the contenders for the Elysée. “Twenty-six days isn’t much”he added before reciting an anaphora, repeating: “twenty-six days” short of breath, like so many mountains that have to be climbed for the first lap.

“He is an impostor. He has no control over the files (…). He was a competitor, he is not anymore: he is ready. » RN Jean-Lin Lacapelle MEP

The path yet to be trodden has awakened piques in its opponents. “Eric Zemmour is out of sport, he is a cheaterchallenges the National Rally MEP Jean-Lin Lacapelle. He has no control over the files. The further we go, the “worse” it is. He used to be a competitor, he isn’t anymore: he’s done. †

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As if the far-right challenger had been promised to descend the slope below 10%, Marine Le Pen refuses to argue with him and Valérie Pécresse to, she says, her “presidential status”† A bitter press release from the Reconquest candidate! nothing has changed so far.

Mistakes and blunders

Eric Zemmour continues to explain his decline as the side effect of the war in Ukraine, which he believes would… “a big problem: immigration from the South”“I don’t want it darkening” this “great replacement””, the nationalist ideologue repeated Monday, resuming his conspiracy theory. However, he has committed a series of mistakes and gaffes in recent days, including, contrary to what he claims, on his favorite ground. While his entourage rubbed their hands and imagined he was going ” fold “ Valérie Pécresse in debate, Thursday, March 10, the former polemicist struggled to defend himself on sovereign issues.

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How to run the economy and public services with the“zero immigration”“Are you going to bayonet the French to take over these jobs? † Valérie challenged Pécresse in the face of her debater’s silence. How do foreigners return to their country of origin? “All means of coercion” will be good against recalcitrant states, he said. ” You bomb them? † Gilles Bouleau bounced back. The candidate previously mentioned the abolition of visas or the blocking of money transfers. Similarly, Eric Zemmour repeated that: “Islam and Islamism are the same”statement at the heart of her speech on identity and assimilation, which opens the gap for Valérie Pécresse: “Why don’t we close all mosques? † He didn’t answer. After this match, the disappointment was so great that the activists threw themselves into a public discussion on Twitter, forcing campaign managers to put out the fire.

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