Eric Zemmour targeted by new allegations of sexual assault and inappropriate behavior towards women

In a video survey published by media part On Tuesday, March 8, eight women, some of them faceless, charged Eric Zemmour with inappropriate behavior and assault, for alleged facts ranging from 1999 to 2019, when he was a journalist. The entourage of the far-right candidate responded to Agence France-Presse (AFP) saying that ” Mediapart wants to make a hit on the day of the day [des droits] of women by recycling testimonials already released last year. Shabby at five weeks of the first round” of the presidential elections. The candidate himself refused to answer questions from journalists on the news site.

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If some of the women in the video had already testified media part in two articles published in the year 2021, others speak publicly for the first time. This is the case with Claire. At the age of 18 she tells that she did a short journalism internship at the editorial office of the Figaro in 2002. Called by Mr. Zemmour to help him solve a computer problem in his office, the latter claims to have ” to feel[ti] his hand in [s]a back that goes back and forth from bottom to top »

The intern reports this behavior to her internship sponsor, Pascale Sauvage, a former colleague of the political columnist in the national newspaper.The journalist then decides to warn her colleague: “I said to him, ‘Don’t touch the intern.’ † She claims that Mr Zemmour replied to her: “If we can no longer flirt with the interns. After all, the interns are made to make pipes and coffee. †

For Eric Zemmour: “it’s word for word”

Another former trainee, Séverine, accuses him of… “very raw proposals for sexual relations” and to have it “blocked against the wall of the elevator and kissed forcefully on the mouth” during his internship at the editorial office of the Figaro in 1999.

Among the other testimonies, Gaëlle Lenfant, former Socialist Party (PS) women’s rights leader, elected opposition member of the Aix-en-Provence City Council, accuses its former editor-in-chief “forcibly kissed” at a PS summer university in La Rochelle in the early 2000s, when she… “young socialist activist

She was the first of eight women to speak out about such facts on April 24, 2021 in a Facebook post and then in an article by media part “I found myself so stunned that I couldn’t do anything but push him away and run away”then reported Mme Lenfant at the independent media. In the video she says that she has now filed a complaint.

Questioned on 9 December 2021 about France 2 on the previous articles of media part after recounting these allegations, Mr Zemmour had estimated that: ” not “ have “to answer. I’m not talking about my private life. These women are accusing me, without any evidence, it’s word to word. » Asked again by media part for the publication of this new research for a right of reply, the candidate of Reconquest! has not responded.

Monday, March 7, the day before the publication of the survey, he was questioned by LCI and . like other candidates She on women’s rights and violence against them. He then said: “Violence by men, inside or outside the family, I mean, all violence is absolutely unforgivable and should be punished very severely. †

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