Esports: Separating to Encourage Diversity, the Paradox of 100% Female Competitions

“Kayane”, specialist in fighting games, “Scarlett”, Canadian player of Starcraft II, or even “Karma”, champion of Rocket League… Against men, only a handful of players have managed to forge a prize list in major competitions . † We count them on the fingers of one hand or two”, laments Servane Fischer, e-sports manager at the Women in Games association. Under this structure, which works for greater diversity in the video game industry, women represent only 6% of esports competitors.

E-sports may be a mixed discipline, but women still struggle to find a place in it. In order to impose themselves in this male-dominated universe, more and more “gamers” prefer to line up in exclusively female leagues and accept this paradox. † This segmentation must be created in order to subsequently stimulate diversity, says “Poachimpa,” a semi-professional Rocket League player. I see no other way to do it than to take the opposite view.”


Main barrier: environmental sexism and cyberbullying, of which they are victims and which deter more than one. † Insults, I’m still alive every dayServane Fischer testifies. One out of three games I get insulted. It plays on morale and it doesn’t make you want to play too much To escape this, more and more players prefer to participate in competitions reserved for women.

In esports it is safe to say that men and women are equal as no specific physical skills are required.analyzes Clément Coupart [alias “Rasmelthor”]† But it is an environment that is extremely hostile to women. It has always been a very masculine environment and some have difficulty with women entering their sanctuary. Last season, the player was in charge of a team of girls on Rocket League within the Atlantide Wave structure. They play in WCBC, a women’s championship supported by Psyonix, the game’s publisher.

In these competitions, the level is certainly lower than that of the RLCS, the classic circuit, but for him,” the advantage of such a match is also the representativeness,” he says. Esport gets into a vicious circle: Since few women are present at the highest level, few women think they have a place there, and therefore very few are at the highest level…

Create opportunities

It will take time to create models that will then create other models for womencontinues “Poachimpa”. By enforcing representation, we normalize the fact that there are women who play For her teammate at Atlantide Wave “Amphirae” these parallel matches are “necessary”: You have to go through women’s leagues so that other women want to play,” she says.

Other players in the sector are also participating in this movement. Riot Games recognizes that esports can be “difficult” for women and has created a women’s circuit on the Valorant shooter to provide an environment” in which everyone can fight in perfect safety‘, the American publisher explains on its website. Goal: ” create new opportunities and give greater visibility to women and other marginalized genders

But for everyone who participates, the goal of these competitions is that they eventually become useless. † Women’s tournaments if there is sincerity in the approach is a good thing, but it must remain temporary”, says Servane Fischer. † The idea is to make progress so you can play mixed afterwardsexplains “Rasmelthor”. In the end I think we will get there. “. (AFP)

By Diane Falconer
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