Exercise at home: these everyday items will become your best allies

Even though you have to follow a real sports program and train regularly to see results, it is better to exercise moderately than not at all. A tight schedule and lack of adequate equipment should not slow you down in your efforts to exercise more. Moreover, you should know that you can do a lot with little but imagination: you basically have everything at hand. Here are some ideas for spicing up your workout at home with everyday items.

Make your own dumbbells

Dumbbells are undeniably sports accessories that we can’t live without, whether it’s for your usual set of exercises or to focus on a particular muscle group. If you don’t have one at home, the solution is to make some with what you have on hand. Nothing could be easier, you fill two bottles of water or milk with the desired amount of liquid and you’re done. Good big cans can also help. Another option is to use a detergent can, dictionary, or folder. Nevertheless, the advantage of the bottle and the can is that their shape perfectly matches that of the hand. The other accessories are harder to manipulate.

Refine your silhouette with a broomstick, it’s possible

Although a broomstick is much lighter than a squat bar and will never replace a squat cage, you can still do a number of exercises with it to slim your waist and strengthen your muscles. To do this, stand up and place the broomstick on your shoulders. Then, with your feet apart and your back straight, bend your knees, tighten your abs until they are parallel to the floor, then return to the starting position. To start, you can do 3 sets of 30 reps with 15 seconds of recovery. When it pulls, your muscles are working! And if you want to add some spice to this exercise, just weigh your broomstick.

A chair or couch to work on your cardio

If a wall or a stair are effective tools for working on your cardio, don’t neglect the benefits of the furniture in your home. Don’t have room for a weight bench? No problem ! A sofa or chair is sufficient. Whether it’s to strengthen your abs, your arms or your legs, you will always find an exercise that is adapted to your needs. Dips, lunges, push-ups, crunches, he’s got it. However, remember to choose a stable chair – an office chair with wheels is not – in order to be able to work efficiently on the one hand and avoid any risk of accident on the other.

A cloth or a large scarf to replace the elastic bands

Elastic bands are well-known accessories to train all the muscles of the body without putting too much stress on the joints. If they are cheap and fairly easy to find in stores, you can also improvise one with a large cloth or bath towel. Do you want to get rid of the piece of skin that hangs under your arm? Nothing could be easier, just grab one side of the towel over your head and the second with your other arm at shoulder blade level. Then pull up and down at the same time to strengthen your triceps.

An old ball can become a medicine ball

If you have kids, it’s almost certain that you also have at least one old, deflated ball collecting dust and lying around your house. How about giving it a new lease of life? By filling it with sand and plugging the hole, you can create a medicine ball to intensify your workout. You should also know that the medicine ball is originally a rehabilitation accessory. As long as you keep your back straight during training, there is no risk of injury. In addition, the medicine ball allows you to perform a variety of exercises such as lunges, the plank, while working on your flexibility and balance.