F45 Training, one of the most successful sports franchises in the world.

F45 Training is an Australian-born sports franchise that started in Sydney 8 years ago. The group has experienced exceptional growth in recent years and is now one of the most successful sports franchises in the world. The F45 network now includes more than 3,000 studios in more than 65 countries.

Commitment to quality service

The F45 concept is designed to provide group sports workouts that are engaging, innovative, intense and fun and designed to deliver fitness results. The F45 training takes the form of a 45-minute circuit training, consisting of about twenty functional exercises that are accessible to everyone. Our F45 technologies make it easier to train and understand exercises to provide a real experience in a growing market, the fitness boutique market.

What are the group’s development prospects?

In 2019, an investment fund led by Mark Wahlberg became a strategic player at F45 Training. We also work with David Beckham and many celebrities and influencers. The group recently went to NASDAQ (FXLV), confirming and reinforcing the strength of the group.

F45 Training plans to open more than 600 studios in Europe between 2022-2023.

What are your business strengths?

Investing in a traditional sports hall is often expensive (large surface area, expensive equipment, many employees, etc.). F45 Training is based on a business model designed to minimize these costs. Working with a 250m2 property, a team of only two trainers is required and our equipment and training allows us to easily adapt to changing trends in the fitness market.

The F45 concept was born to make training accessible to everyone. Our functional training can be adapted to everyone’s training level, so that everyone can find their place in our training.

Finally, by investing with F45 you will benefit from the fame of an international brand endorsed by many celebrities such as Mark Wahlberg, David Beckham or recently Morgan Mitchell.


What support do you offer?

The F45 franchise ensures the support of its franchisees. Before the opening of your studio, you can benefit from the help of our teams in the search for your future property. During an initial training of 5 days (studio management, subscription marketing, marketing campaign, partnerships, etc.) you can acquire the know-how of the brand.

Once you become a franchise, you benefit from an exclusive right to use the F45 brand in your catchment area. The franchise takes care of the programming of your workouts, our workouts are pre-designed, you just need to run them with ease. We also provide access to state-of-the-art F45 applications to facilitate internal business management.

Finally, once your studio opens, you will benefit from the group’s reputation and F45 HQ’s marketing initiatives such as F45 Playoffs, F45 Track, as well as our growing list of strategic partnerships and all of our promotional marketing materials.

What are your recruitment criteria?

Three criteria seem to us to be essential to assess our investors’ ability to become an F45 franchisee: 1) motivation, 2) motivation and most importantly… 3) motivation.


the franchisor

  • Creation date : 2013
  • Number of franchisees: +3000
  • CA excluding VAT: $90.3 million
  • Location area: +65 countries

the franchisee

  • Entrance fee: 45,000 euros
  • Investment: about ~200,000/250,000 euros.
  • Operating costs on AC HT: 7%
  • Advertising costs : ~ 1,000 euros per month


Alice Duport, Sales Director France F45 Training.

Telephone. † +33785846459

[email protected]