Fabien Roussel the target of an investigation into fictitious work related to his activity as a parliamentary assistant

French Communist Party (PCF) candidate in the presidential election, Fabien Roussel, is under investigation “misappropriation of public funds”, the opening of which was confirmed by the National Financial Prosecutor (PNF) to Agence France-Presse, Friday, March 11. In February an article was published by media part had questioned the reality of his work as a parliamentary assistant, a position Mr Roussel held for five years between 2009 and 2014.

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In particular, by bringing together testimonies from former employees of Commissioner Jean-Jacques Candelier and a recording of the Commissioner himself who admits that Mr Roussel’s position is not “not too clean”journalists from media part wrote that M. Roussel no “failed to produce the slightest material element enabling him to trace his activities as a parliamentary assistant for five years”

The investigation opened by the PNF was entrusted to the Central Office for Combating Corruption, Financial and Fiscal Offenses (OCLCIFF). “I have learned from the press that the courts have opened an investigation into my work as a parliamentary assistant. I for my part have not received any information.responded to AFP Mr. Roussel. “If that were the case, of course I would be at the disposal of the judiciary, like any citizen”he added.

“Honestly it wasn’t too clear”

After several media interventions to categorically deny having a fictitious job, Mr. Roussel had published a series of testimonials and documents to back his version of a “dedication to the field” total, decisive”“There is nothing ‘spooky’ in this period of my life”the MP wrote in a text published on his campaign website entitled ‘Transparency about my work’.

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Two brief testimonials from employees of Mr. Candelier during these years were published with this text, as well as that of Dominique Ben, trade unionist of the General Confederation of Labor (CGT). The latter claimed to have worked “on many files” with Mr. Roussel at the time. Also attached to the testimonies was a work file containing the names of the two men, in particular documents relating to the exploitation of mine gas or the privatization of the mining sector of Pas-de-Calais. Some extracts from Mr. Candelier’s publication are also presented, where Mr. Roussel can be seen on certain images of the deputy’s movements.

In response to Mr Roussel’s explanation, media part had posted a new article that same day that included the recording of a phone call dating, according to an anonymous source of journalists Pascale Pascariello and Antton Rouget, from 2018. Mr. Candelier explains there about his collaboration with Mr. Roussel:

“Honestly, it wasn’t too clear. That’s why we did well to stop † It always happened. Therefore, when I arrived, I was told: “One, one, one one for the federation [la fédération du Nord]one for the middle [le Parti communiste] and one for you [le député]†

In front of media partthis exchange constitutes an additional element that supports that a “precise cut” arranged the distribution of Mr Candelier’s parliamentary envelope – and that Mr Roussel’s activity was not directed at the action of parliamentarians.

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