FDJ and Paris 2024 committed to women’s sport

As part of International Women’s Day, FDJ and Paris 2024 launch a call for projects to support 400,000 women in their sport in France. According to the barometer FDJ-Paris 2024 “Sports for women” realised by canteen, 84% of women practice a sporting activity. Women’s practice is progressing, but not reaching the activity levels defined by the WHO for good health: only 59% of women engage in physical activity and sports at least once a week (compared to 69% for men).

A female sports practice disrupted by the health crisis

Initiated in 2016 and 2018 by FDJ As an extension of the “Sport for women” program to promote the development of women’s sport, this barometer makes it possible to measure changes in women’s sport in France. The pace of life remains the main obstacle identified by women for the practice of sport (43%, +1 point), mainly due to periods that do not fit their schedule for 27% of them (+2 points) or their family situation for 20 % of them (+5 points). One of the other barriers identified is the lack of motivation and interest (43%, +6 points), but also too high a price for 35% of women.

The health crisis has also disrupted life habits and affected French women’s sports practice. This drop-out phenomenon can be observed in the usual practice structures that are less visited: 21% in private centers (compared to 28% in 2018) and 19% in public infrastructures (compared to 27% in 2018). Half of the women indicate that they mainly do their physical and sporting activities in nature (48%), the first exercise place and at home (46%). The health crisis has added the problem of availability of activities to the existing obstacles: 31% of women find themselves hindered by the lack of offers offered (+5 points compared to 2018) and 32% by the lack of suitable infrastructure (+8 points).

Paris 2024 and the group FDJ share a common observation: all these obstacles need to be removed to achieve a sufficient level of physical activity to be in good health, because 38% of the French are sedentary and the situation is even more alarming for women.

The FDJ Group and Paris 2024: A Joint and Concrete Response to Remove the Barriers to Women’s Sports through the Paris 2024 Endowment Fund

Official partner of Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Gamesthe group FDJ continues its historic commitment to the development of French sport and the promotion of its values. To join forces for this, Paris 2024 and FDJ learned the lessons of the barometer and reinforced the call for projects “Impact 2024” by creating a specific category for the development of women’s sport. The aim is to support as many structuring projects as possible that meet the wishes and needs of women (well-being, health, physicality), their personal situation and their wish to move more freely.

Projects on the place of women in sport, in sport governing bodies or in the media will also be supported. The place of women in sport is a priority, according to the Barometer: 60% of women consider the place of women in the media or institutions an essential challenge to take on. Applications for this call for projects are open from March 21 to May 6, 2022 on the website: https://aap-impact.paris2024.org/fr.

Applications for this call for projects are open from March 21 to May 6, 2022 on the website https://aap-impact.paris2024.org/fr.

Three quarters of French women believe that the organization of the Games will have a positive impact on women’s sport, ie more than 10 points compared to 2018. By the organization of the Games Paris 2024 Games, the Organizing Committee has a unique opportunity to contribute to a collective consciousness and to kick-start a real dynamism. The aim is therefore to organize general mobilization until 2024 among all those who can contribute to making sport an instrument for large-scale social impact.

In front of Stephane PallezGroup Chief Executive Officer FDJ“Our commitment to gender equality and more specifically to the subject of sport is anchored in the DNA of the FDJ group and is shared by all its employees. We are delighted to reinforce our commitment and build a project with Paris 2024 that will responds to a problem identified about the practice of women in sport and, more generally, about the place of women in sport. Our contribution will benefit associations committed to social impact and the legacy of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

In front of Tony EstanguetPresident of Paris 2024“We thank the FDJ group for its mobilization alongside us through the Paris 2024 Endowment Fund. Together, we will build on the momentum of the Games to overcome the obstacles that remain in women’s access to sport, while increasing the place of women in sport, in its institutions and in the media.”