Fifteen major companies launch ASM Impulsion Auvergne Foundation

Unity is strength. In the sporting field, of course, but also when it comes to supporting projects aimed at promoting sport health in all its forms. Fifteen emblematic companies based in the Auvergne region have thus decided to unite, with the support of ASM Omnisports, to form the ASM Impulsion Auvergne foundation, officially presented and launched on Tuesday, June 14 at the Michelin stadium in Clermont-Ferrand.

A foundation not closed

The idea didn’t come out of the blue. It extends the establishment of the endowment fund established in 2019, which already reflected the desire for openness of the ASM institution. It is now time to move forward, with an annual budget of €500,000 to start with, supplemented by these founders who have already been committed for five years.

The fifteen companies involved
ACC-M, Crédit Agricole Center France, Centaurea, La Montagne Center France, Europe Service Autec, Gédimat Bomeil-Boulard-Verdier, Intermarché Isoma, Limagrain, Lojelis, Matière, Michelin, Omerin, PGDIS, Quantel Medical and Théa.

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There is a board of 23 members, as well as an office (six members) that is more specifically responsible for the selection of the projects that the foundation will support.

“It is not a closed foundation, says chairman Jean-Marc Gendre, also boss of Quantel Medical. Every new patron is welcome as soon as he wants to be part of a collective. †

Five Pillars of Action

Five pillars will guide the foundation’s actions: sport for health (prevention), sport for everyone (accessibility), sport for integration (participation in society), sport for performance (supervision of top athletes) and sport for life (wellness). ). With the desire to work in the city as well as in the countryside. A general representative, Pascal Couasnon, and an administrative manager, Clara Bouvier, make up the operations team to begin with.

Two projects will take shape very soon. The first concerns the “Active Breaks” system, set up as part of a partnership between ASM Omnisports and the Clermont-Ferrand academy and pre-tested in a few schools. Thanks to a contribution of 186,000 euros, it can be used from the start of the school year in 380 primary schools in Auvergne (12 in Allier, 8 in Cantal, 10 in Haute-Loire, 356 in Puy-de-Dôme ). Trained coaches guide the exercises offered during his active breaks before passing the baton to the teachers.

It’s just a start

In addition, the foundation is committed to supporting sports and health centers in Auvergne that are recognized by the state and that offer their members a health course. They are four (Montluçon, Mauriac, two in Clermont) and can accommodate about 600 people.

But this is just the beginning. ASM Impulsion Auvergne wants to quickly expand its field of activity. And become a reference.

Contact. Website: Mail: [email protected] Phone, Clara Bouvier:

147 jobs created or preserved at Réseau Entreprendre Auvergne

They chose to participate in ASM Impulsion Auvergne and explained why

Xavier Omerin (Omerin Group)

“I’m going to work with these dynamic regional companies to participate in this great work. I expect from the foundation that the largest number of associations can claim to have been helped, encouraged, supported in a targeted, specific, new action. This is solidarity. It will be necessary to maintain large projects, but also more modest ones, for example, helping an Ehpad to purchase equipment for sports practice. Why not also hospitals like we did with the Omerin foundation. All these little things together make beautiful works. When the foundation has acquired a certain reputation, I think that the many sports associations of all kinds will not be short of ideas. †

Sylvain Jourdy (Lojelis)

“As part of our overall business project, we want to offer a professional alternative to our employees. Through ASM Omnisports they will eventually lead projects around sports. Our employees will be made aware of this and will be proactive. We give them time to set up social projects around sport. I expect the foundation to support these initiatives. †

Jean-Frédéric Chibret (Thea Laboratories)

“We are present in 75 countries, but our only headquarters is in Clermont. We need strong companies, a strong region to attract talent, that’s what this foundation contributes to. We also have this approach with our association Théactif, with several activities. It is very important for well-being to have this approach. For starters, the foundation relies on ASM. It’s good and it will make a draft. A bit like with our Théa foundation, we fund, raise awareness but don’t do it ourselves, we support projects. So it will be with ASM Impulsion. †

Thierry Cezard (ACC-M)

“It is important to share a CSR approach with our employees and shareholders, customers and suppliers. The ASM Impulsion foundation enables us to carry out larger, more media-friendly projects that have a positive impact on our business. Recruitment is an important objective for us today. Corporate social responsibility is also becoming a decision factor for all our new employees. Thanks to ASM Impulsion, whose name and brand unite the people of Auvergne, we have more ambition. We expect this foundation to support noble social initiatives. Sport is a first objective, with health of course, but also integration. †

Philippe Laurent (Centaurea)

“When we talk about preventive medicine, we are talking about nutrition but also about physical activity. Thanks to the know-how of ASM Omnisports, the foundation can address everyone in an appropriate way. You have to be able to reach as many people as possible, starting with the children. Grouping together makes it possible to develop joint initiatives by tackling the whole territory, in Clermont and cities as well as in the countryside. This is a very important dimension for me. †

200 million euros for Parc Cataroux, symbol of the ongoing metamorphosis in Clermont-Ferrand

Patrice Campo
[email protected]
Twitter : @patriclmt
Photos Francis Campagnoni