Fillon Maillet wins his first large globe!

Quentin Fillon Maillet’s response (the l’Equipe channel)

“I’m frustrated because the first place isn’t far away. I can blame myself for my first standing position. On the first part it was good skiing, after the slide was not excellent. Don’t blame the technicians, they do great work. I remain happy with this second place, in the way that there are some great things. There is a bit of frustration not to win today.”

“It was more or less official, my target was not 23rd place but to win, my big world target had been passed. The target is now the mass start sphere, it’s a beautiful day anyway even if there is a bit frustration because the Norwegian isn’t far away”.

“I’m not necessarily going to party. I still have great things to go for, I have my whole life to enjoy the medals. The idea is not to finish average. I love what I do, I enjoy more from skiing and training then partying. I’m happy when I shit on the skis. Until the last race of the season I’ll be 100%.”

Jacquelin’s reaction at the finish (L’Equipe channel)

On his shooting error: “I let go a little quick, if you have to guide the bullet. I thought I was done firing, I was already setting the gun”.

On Fillon Maillet’s title: “Congratulations to him, I’m so glad we’re stopping talking about me alone as the man who can only take Quentin’s world. I think I deserve another way to see my performances. That has happened , congratulations to him. I will try to keep this second place. The sensations were there, even if I did not have the right pair of skis, even compared to my colleagues”.

Strolia’s beautiful gesture

The Lithuanian biathlete crosses the line in 30th and last position of this mass start, waving a flag of Ukraine.

The victory for Christiansen, the big globe for Fillon Maillet!

Author of a flawless, the Norwegian will have resisted the return of the Frenchman, who consoles himself with the big world! Bakken took third place, just ahead of Guigonnat. Lesser finishes 5th, Hofer will also participate in the flower ceremony. Jacquelin finished 8th, Desthieux 12th and Claude 23rd.

3 seconds difference at the last standings!

500 meters to go and maybe a sprint finish ahead!

4 seconds for Fillon Maillet!

Christiansen still leads the race with 1.7km to go. Bakken made the difference for third place with Guigonnat.

Fillon Maillet leaves for the big world

Unsurprisingly, Fillon Maillet will win the first major globe of his career in a few moments!

20/20 for Christiansen

Fillon Maillet comes in second at 7 seconds! Big duel behind for the podium, Guigonnat comes out on Bakken’s skis.

Place for the last shot

Christiansen settles for his fourth shot, in front of a trio of Fransen and Hofer. It’s all going to happen there…

Christiansen only in front

The Norwegian’s pace is too fast for Jacquelin to follow. Fillon Maillet came back very strong, 15 seconds ahead of Hofer and Guigonnat.

Jacquelin and Christiansen escape

Guigonnat was logically dropped from the lead. Fillon Maillet is 4th, 18 seconds behind.

A trio in front

Two Frenchmen, Jacquelin and Guigonnat, put Christiansen in the men’s lead on 15/15. A mistake for Fillon Maillet, just like Hofer, Samuelsson or Desthieux.

standing room

It is always a group of 11 who arrive first on the line of fire. Guigonnat and Kuehn cling to the back of this pack.

11 front

3 more French riders in the lead: Fillon Maillet, Jacquelin and Guigonnat. As a reminder, the yellow bib must finish in the first 23 places to ensure its large crystal ball.

A Norwegian duo in the lead

Bakken and Christiansen took the lead, soon joined by Fillon Maillet. A dozen runners occupy the outposts.

It shoots very well

Lots of 10/10s at the start of the race like Fillon Maillet, Guigonnat and Jacquelin. They set off in a leading group led by Bakken. A mistake for Claude and Desthieux.

Desthieux fell

The Frenchman made a small climb to the ground but was able to leave without a break just before the second recumbent fall.

A large group in front

The race is led by a group of fifteen biathletes, where the 5 French are present. T.Boe is just behind, after 1 foul on the first down.

5/5 for Fillon Maillet

Few mistakes on this first shot. Bakken comes out on top, just ahead of a group that mainly consists of Claude, Fillon Maillet and Jacquelin. No turn for the French. 2 errors for Laegreid and Ponsiluoma.

The Norwegians bring the pack back

Just before arriving at the launch pad, the Norwegian armada returns to Jacquelin at the start of the race.

Jacquelin in place

QFM’s runner-up in the general classification accelerates at the head of a bump to stay ahead of the World Cup leader by a few lengths.

Fillon Maillot sets the pace

The yellow bib skids hard at the front of the pack, already very stretched in this first lap.

doll in red

The German biathlete leads the mass start ranking with 96 points, just ahead of Fillon Maillet, who has 88 points.

Let’s go for this mass start from Otepää!

The top 25 of the general classification and the 5 best of Thursday’s sprint started for 15 km and 4 shots.

5 French at the start

In addition to the yellow Quentin Fillon Maillet bib, Émilien Jacquelin, Simon Desthieux, Fabien Claude and Antonin Guigonnat will be at the start of this penultimate mass start of the season.

The general classification for the mass start

1- Fillon Maillet, 816 points

2- Jacqueline, 591 points

3- Samuelsson, 564 points

4-Lagreid, 543 points

5- Christiansen, 534 points

Coronation Day for Fillon Maillet?

Hello everyone, welcome to this live biathlon dedicated to the mass starters of Otepää, Estonia. A special race, as the Frenchman Quentin Fillon Maillet should win the big crystal ball of the winner of the World Cup at the end.

To be crowned, the Jura player has to concede just under 45 points to Emilien Jacquelin. Obviously, if Jacquelin wins, “QFM” just needs to finish in the top 23.

Departure at 13.00!