fishermen will receive support of 35 cents per liter of fishing diesel from tomorrow, Jean Castex announces. at

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4.37 pm : Several ministers give an even more detailed presentation of the measures mentioned by Jean Castex. You can watch their intervention on the government’s Twitter account

4.32 pmJean Castex also gives priority to the search for other sources of supply for certain metals useful for industry and for the products needed for the agri-food sector and confirms that he has asked the concerned ministers to “quickly make operational proposals”

4.31 pm : France has “the goal to completely phase out Russian gas and oil by 2027”, says Jean Castex. The capacity for liquefied natural gas imports will have to be strengthened, as well as the capacity for renewable energy and biogas, he says. He also promises “strengthening support to decarbonise heating networks”† So many long-term measures that, of course, depend on the outcome of the presidential election.

4:26 p.m. : The Prime Minister announces the relaunch of the Export Recovery Control and VIE Control Schemes designed to help exporting companies.

4:24 PM : Additional support will be offered to the transport sector, after consultation between Minister-Deputy Jean-Baptiste Djebbari and stakeholders in the sector. Repayment of the TICPE is accelerated.

4:22 p.m. : The losses of breeders are compensated for four months, to compensate for the increase in the cost of animal feed, announces Jean Castex. “A deposit of 25% of the TICPE fee on non-road diesel” will be paid to them too “in the coming weeks”

4.33 pm : Other measures of the plan announced by Jean Castex target specific sectors. Fishermen will receive 35 cents per liter of fishing diesel from tomorrow morning until 31 July. In some ports in Brittany, the boats no longer go to sea since Monday.

4:19 PM : The Prime Minister also announces an increase in the ceiling of the state-guaranteed loan; easier access to tax and social security deferrals for companies affected by energy prices or the loss of exports to Ukraine or Russia; and a broadening of the options for relying on partial activity.

4:17 pm : Jean Castex announces new support for companies whose gas and electricity expenditure represents at least 3% of turnover, “and who could incur losses in 2022 due to the increase in their energy costs”† The amount will be half of the company’s energy consumption, regardless of size or sector.

4.13 pm : The discount of 15 cents per liter of fuel will be extended to vehicles running on natural gas and LPG, announces Jean Castex. He calls on distributors to: “to proceed” of this discount, stating that Total has committed itself to do so.

4.10 pm : The Prime Minister describes his “resilience plan” as being: “effective in the very short term, to cope with the immediate consequences of the crisis”but also allow to “draw the consequences for the coming years”

4:09 PM“We have a duty to prepare for a protracted crisis and to accept that the measures we have already taken and could take tomorrow may have serious consequences for Russia, but also, to a lesser extent, our economies. “

4:07 p.m.“We must assume that we will enter into a political and economic balance of power with Russia without concessions. (…) These measures are effective. They have already weakened the Russian economy.”

4:04 pm : The government’s online platform has received more than 90,000 offers of shelter for refugees fleeing Ukraine, says Jean Castex. More than 5,300 people have already benefited from housing.

4:03 PM Prime Minister Jean Castex presents the “resilience plan” to protect the French economy from the consequences of the invasion of Ukraine. Watch his speech live.

2:12 PM : Let’s take stock of the news of the day:

• Negotiations continue. Russia says it is open to an agreement if Ukraine accepts neutrality status, modeled on Sweden or Austria, but Kiev immediately rejected this option, demanding more guarantees for its security.

• Jean Castex must be present at 4 p.m. a “resilience plan” to respond to the difficulties posed by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, especially the rise in energy and commodity prices.

• The Minister of the Interior will arrive in Corsica shortly. The French government is “ready to go as far as autonomy”, said Gérald Darmanin in Corse morning† But this development requires a “long process”he just clarified.