Fournier denounces basketball’s move to the 2024 Olympics in a venue on the Porte de Versailles

The back of the Blues, Olympic vice-champion in Tokyo, speaks of a “disrespect” towards the athletes, who will be performing on the grounds of the Agricultural Show during the first round.

A time scheduled in the AccorHotels Arena in Bercy and then in Arena 2 Porte de la Chapelle, the preliminary basketball tournament for the next Paris 2024 Games will take place … at the Parc des expositions du 15and district of Paris. If the final stage of the tournament goes well in Bercy, the matches of the first round will be played in hall 6 of the site of Porte de Versailles, where the donkeys had taken up residence two weeks ago as part of the Salon de l ‘ Agriculture. †If that’s really what’s happening, that big m… It doesn’t make sense, gets carried away Evan Fournier, the international supporters questioned by The team † The main sport of the Olympics is athletics. But as a team sport, basketball is number 1.

Do they really think about playing Team USA, are stars that weigh in the tens of millions and play in giant arenas every night, under these conditions?

Evan Fournier

Originally from Charenton-le-Pont, not far from the sports hall in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, Fournier, one of the driving forces of the French basketball team, denounces a lack of respect. †We’re Olympic Vice Champion, at home, and they don’t guarantee real room? If so, they’re suckers and they’re making fun of us. And do they really think about playing Team USA, are stars that weigh in the tens of millions and play in giant arenas every night, under these conditions?

Badminton draws how many people seriously in the stands?

Evan Fournier, in L’Equipe

A move born of the need to have a ceiling of 11 meters for badminton, 12 m for rhythmic gymnastics, tests sent to the chapel, a space designed… for basketball, the time of the first round of the orange ball. The latter will therefore take place under a ceiling of 9 meters in the Parc des expositions, a ceiling lower than ever and that raises the question of installing a jumbotron (gigantic screen). Other problems arise, especially those of insufficient ventilation which can cause humidity. †I understand that at the Games every discipline must have its placeassures the player of New York Knicks. But badminton seriously attracts how many people in the stands? I am disappointed, angry. It makes me hate. Such a thing would never happen in the United States.

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Handball in Lille

So while the OCOG plans to carry out the necessary work to redevelop Hall 6, starting with the installation of 8,000-seat grandstands, conditions don’t seem ideal. †We are not immune to franchises, if they understand, put pressure on their players not to go therewarns Fournier.

You should know that this controversy surrounding the No. 1 team sport at the Games is not an isolated one. For example, the handball players had expressed their disappointment about the relocation of the Olympic tournament to the Stade Pierre-Mauroy, the den of Lille OSC. †It made me ch… It’s a real disappointment, regret in The team the international goalkeeper Vincent Gérard, passed by Dunkirk. Obviously this is not the Olympics. I experienced the Rio Games in the Olympic Village, it’s something to experience and I loved playing in Paris, very close to my home. It really doesn’t matter to be apart like that.“His partner Nedim Remili was followed:”being away from the madness of Paris during these Olympics will be sad.

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