Fourth dose of vaccine against Covid-19: 10 questions to know everything

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Jean Castex announced the possibility of getting a fourth dose of Covid-19 vaccine for people over 80 and immunocompromised individuals. Here are the answers to your questions about this fourth dose.

Let’s go for the fourth dose of vaccine against Covid-19. Prime Minister Jean Castex approves fourth dose of vaccine in France. The most vulnerable people have already been able to receive this fourth dose. Who is she going to talk to now? When should the injection be done? Can the fourth dose be generalized to the entire population? We make an inventory.

Who can get a fourth dose?

The fourth dose is primarily intended for people over 80 years of age. In France that is 4.1 million. Of this number, 3.1 million have already received three doses of the vaccine. This priority audience received the first dose in January 2021, the second in the spring and the third in September 2021. The fourth dose has also been authorized for immunocompromised people “who have not been eligible until now,” said Jean Castex in the Parisian

When should the fourth dose be received?

The fourth dose will be available three months after the third injection of the vaccine against Covid-19.

Is this fourth dose mandatory?

It is not required, it is only recommended by the government.

If I don’t, am I at risk?

The fourth dose will strengthen your protection against Covid-19. “It raises the level of antibodies,” explained in late January in The world Alain Fischer, the government’s Mr. vaccine. “But with what real intensity, what effect on severe forms and what duration, we do not know”. Protection against the third dose started to decrease slightly ten weeks after injection.

Will I lose my vaccination pass without a fourth dose?

Not at all. Even without a fourth dose, it is still possible to go to a restaurant, cinema or recreational place. The vaccination pass has been suspended from Monday 14 March. It is exactly the day when the first injections against Covid-19 start.

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Why is this fourth dose possible now?

Vaccine immunity wanes over the months, especially for the oldest or most vulnerable people. The government gives the green light if the number of new positive cases in France has risen for a week due to the BA.2 variant of the Omicron variant. The scientific council and the M. vaccine of the government Alain Fischer are in favor of the fourth dose for this specific target group.

Which vaccine will be used?

Jean Castex did not provide this clarification. Previous boosters have been with the Pfizer vaccine or the Moderna vaccine.

Where should you get vaccinated?

The Prime Minister did not provide these details. In recent weeks, many vaccination centers have closed their doors. However, it is still possible to get vaccinated from your doctor.

If I am under 80, can I get vaccinated?

No that is not possible. You should not receive this fourth injection. The fourth dose is not justified at this stage, estimates the Vaccine Strategy Orientation Council (COSV) at the end of January. It is only reserved at this stage for people over 80 and immunocompromised people.

Have other countries already approved the fourth dose?

Israel has approved this fourth dose since early January, in Denmark and Spain since mid-January and in Germany since February 3. This is also the case in Hungary and Chile.