Free weekly workshops for the chronically ill, in Saint-Amand-Montrond and Bigny-Vallenay

As a sports, health, wellness and sports educator on medical prescription, Gaëlle Bergeron listed eight good reasons to exercise: “Staying in shape, reducing stress, strengthening your immune system, managing your weight, maintaining the social link, improving of the quality of his sleep, his concentration and his well-being “, sums up what was formed with the Olympic and sporting Regional Committee (Cros) Center-Val de Loire and with the TT Sud Cher, the club of Châteaumeillant and Saint-Maur triathlon , where she is licensed.

“Combat inactivity, reduce or prevent risks”

Until June, she conducts free workshops, from 10 am to 11:30 am, on Tuesdays, in the family section of Saint-Amand-Montrond, avenue Jean-Giraudoux, and on Fridays, in the table tennis room L’ Enclos des Charmes , in Bigny-Vallenay.

A partnership organization – with the Territorial Hospital Group (GHT) of Cher, labeled Maison Sport-Santé in September 2020, the Departmental Olympic and Sports Committee (CDOS), the Caramel association, the Pays Berry Saint-Amandois, the city of Saint – Amand- Montrond and the municipality of Bigny-Vallenay – to “combat physical inactivity and reduce or prevent the risks of chronic diseases (diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, osteoarthritis, obesity, thyroiditis, etc.). “.

Endurance, balance, strength, flexibility

“Health and wellness sports are aimed at the chronically ill of all ages, with no or minimal disabilities,” explains Gaëlle Bergeron. This may concern many people, for example pregnant women, teenagers, children, etc., but initially we prefer an audience of seniors. They need all the more to get active again as most of them were already sedentary and many have remained so since the incarceration”.

For the first session, the sports teacher offers an interview and some tests, “to know where to go and do exercises, depending. We do fitness adapted to the pathologies, abilities and needs of everyone. †

The workshops focus on four main areas: endurance, balance, strength, flexibility. “The most is the conviviality, the bond between people, underlines Gaëlle Bergeron, who is committed to passing on what she has learned for her own well-being. In Bigny, where the sessions started on April 8, some have already made impressive progress.

An offer for the entire Pays Berry Saint-Amandois

Developing a health sports offer is one of the objectives of Pays Berry Saint-Amandois, which, in the context of its second local health contract (CLS), aims to make health everyone’s business, including through patient therapy education.

Pays Berry Saint-Amandois: the new local contract aims to make health everyone’s business

“We have funds to set up from September the Entrelacs, physical, cultural and leisure activities, in the four communities of municipalities on the territory,” says Véronique Galpin, supervisor of the CLS du Pays Berry Saint-Amandois.

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