French players establish themselves on the international stage

The head of state will open the doors of the Élysée on Friday 3 June to various representatives of French e-sports (or electronic sports). One of the most famous: specialist journalist Laure Valée, Zerator and Kameto, pseudonyms of streamers (they broadcast and comment on video game games online). This invitation comes on the occasion of the Trackmania Cup, an international competition organized in Bercy (Paris) by Zerator. This game, the flagship of French e-sports, has also been brought from obscurity by French players.

Emmanuel Macron is visibly interested in this environment, which is increasingly publicized, recognized by legislation and an integral part of the daily lives of 9.6 million people (according to figures from the France Esports Association).

During his term of office, several advances were thus noted. LREM established the first video game study group at the National Assembly and the Ministry of Sports launched the “E-Sports Strategy 2020-2025” program.

During an interview for The Big Whale (a media specialized in cryptocurrencies), last April, Emmanuel Macron boasted “ this field of French excellence”, likely to participate in the country’s influence, especially at the time of the 2024 Olympics. “It’s up to us to take advantage of this to make the link between the Olympiads of the two worlds by hosting the biggest esports events in the world that year”he adds.

Recent Sports Performances and Exploding Audiences

The French started breaking into the global esports scene in the 2000s, but then fell significantly behind countries like China, Korea and the United States. The legal status of professional player will only be recognized in France in 2016. Although they now have job security and social coverage, the perceived discrepancy with other countries has pushed back the rise of French leaders. Added to this is the lack of infrastructure for the organization of tournaments and the expectation regarding the roll-out of fiber optic.

It was in 2007 that France imposed itself on counter attack (a shooting game). Since then, the Vitality team has been among the best in the world and one of its champions “ZywOo” was named the best player in the world in 2019 and 2020.

Another Vitality structure team brought France to the top of the game Rocket League (mix of ball game and driving). The then sports minister, Roxana Maracineanu, did not hesitate to congratulate the players.

Players from the very popular League of Legends (fights within arenas) even got a private message from the head of state. Members of the famous Karmine Corp team, they won the title of champions of the French League six months after the team was founded in 2021, then the European Masters. With Vitality, Karmine Corp is one of the benchmarks in French esports.

In addition to the achievements of e-athletes, France also shines with the enthusiasm generated by video game competitions. The audience before the games League of Legends exploded in 2021. Nearly 190,000 people watched the final online, peaking at 380,000 minutes and registering 200,000 viewers online.