from PSG to the Parc des Princesses

SPORT BUSINESS OBSERVATORY – The first edition of the “Women For Future” forum took place this week in Paris.

Souad Soulimani has been a member of the Sport Business Observatory since 2016. Founder of MediaSpoliS, specializing in media education and the production of content dedicated to female leadership, she is also president of Radio Déclic, which gives a voice to the inhabitants of working-class neighborhoods on major social issues. The Sport Business Observatory is the think tank of the company In&Sport whose task is to analyze and decipher the evolution of sport, both in its economic and social dimensions.

On Thursday 2 June, there were no problems accessing the mythical lawn of the Parc des Princes. So yes, you needed your ticket, but no, no one was jumping the barriers or blocking the passages. No unruly crowd and no camera looking for buzz despite the 6,500 hooked up in these early morning hours, over 250,000 by the end of the day of this Women For Future: The New Rules!

That day was the talent and sharing that converged at the heart of the stadium with the voice of Olympic Vice Champion Sarah Ourahmoune announcing the color in a passionate first round”today you have the opportunity to share your experiences and move forward together, do it without putting the brakes on. Yes, we still have to fight to get women recognized in sport and elsewhere, but it is possible and we are working on it. Believe in yourself, you have talent and determination.

Two pioneers share this strength and determination on stage as well. From 9:00 am Evelyne Ciriegi, the first woman to chair a CROS and president of the regional sports conference in Île-de-France, will speak, “ There are still hurdles to overcome, the sports world like the economy remains areas where women still have to push themselves and take their destiny into their own hands. But I believe that we will move forward together and that the men are also by our side to rise to the challenge. You have to have guts and believe in yourself when the road is long and the mentality still needs to be shaken

More than 250,000 spectators connected for the 1st edition

Moving forward together and with more and more connected spectators throughout the day to reach more than 250,000 connections when Brigitte Henriques, the first female president of the National Olympic Committee, speaks out and reiterates her pride to represent the sports movement. †We have a sporting model in France that we can be proud of with dedicated volunteers in all fields and women who carry out actions and projects through sport that we should encourage. Our champions of course, but also the younger generation. I was in Aubervilliers this morning to greet the volunteers of the public services and I can tell you that from Aubervilliers, Seine St Denis and all over our territory, the commitment and the talents are present. Today shows that we are building a solid legacy beyond Paris 2024 with values ​​that make sense.

The tone has been set and will be respected with sports, economics and female leadership combined by all actors present. In addition, during the Tribune, Jean-Christophe Tortora recalls the somewhat crazy challenge that he and Sophie Iborra have decided to take on: “Today I am happy to welcome you in this stadium where sports and business have their place and I want to say that we are in the Parc des Princesses, the day is dedicated to you ladies, so take advantage of it with the testimonials and the projects feed. †The challenge of the day was great: to take the field and force women to be assertive leaders in a society that sometimes doesn’t always see them as their real value.

Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, was also present. MediaSpoliS

Embodied ambition, assumed business

Daring and ambition punctuated the day, which was notably closed by the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, imperturbable in her desire to ensure that women can exist in all spheres, as she will explain on stage.

The last word goes to the godmother Sarah Ourahmoune. †We must fight, continue to inspire each other and, above all, impose ourselves. Don’t be afraid of failure or of the eyes of others. Every woman has the ability to empower and perform through sport and today we can succeed by making our own choices and breaking the glass ceilings. Yes, we take punches, but we learn to give them back and most importantly, to make ourselves heard by all the actors. Fighting in a ring or in business is the same

This is a great conclusion that will be completed by Sophie Iborra, moved and no doubt proud to take on, in the presence of her daughter in the stands, the immense challenge of empowering female leadership on the magical lawn of the Parc des Princesses who will have scored a decisive goal in this fight for equality I want to thank you all and tell my daughter that I did all this for her. Here it is for you

This message of love and hope carried by a woman of challenge resonates in all of us, it is an essential commitment to the young generation, the one who will build society tomorrow and who will have to continue the struggle after the JOP Paris 2024. That of a sporty, inclusive society that is not afraid to talk about women’s sport by accepting that talent comes first. As Jean-Christophe Tortora said over the microphone: “The light comes from the woman. And today there was a lot of light in the Parc des Princes.

Let’s all make sure it never goes out and for the real… I confirm. Paris is magical, even more so with the Toulouse accent.

Sarah Ourahmoune sponsors the event and former swimmer Coralie Balmy. DR