Gamer keyboard: This 60% of Corsair is ideal for E-Sport LANs

News good plan Gamer keyboard: This 60% of Corsair is ideal for E-Sport LANs

The 60% format is making serious strides in the gaming keyboard market, which is a pleasure. The Corsair K65 Mini model costs $98 instead of $129 at Amazon, and this can make this type of ultraportable keyboard more affordable. Much to the delight of our savings and our personal collection of RGB keyboards.

Corsair K65 Mini: small, but sublime

Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards were initially adopted by hackers and coders, but more and more gamers are adopting them for their portability and the synthesis they achieve: keeping everything you love in a mechanical keyboard and the redundant .

Buy the K65 Mini Keyboard for $98 at Amazon

Gaming mechanical keyboards come in a variety of sizes. The most common format is certainly the 100% format.the size of traditional mechanical gaming keyboards, with media keys or buttons that allow you to adjust the volume and change audio tracks.

Tenkeyless, TKL or 80% keyboards, are a compromise between space saving and comfort for users who do not need a numeric keypad. Most well-known gamer manufacturers are gradually releasing their own TKL model.

The 60% format, which interests us here, is certainly one of the most compact keyboard sizes.because it ignores not only the numeric keypad, but also the function keys and the directional arrows.

Take away these keys I can’t see!

So why would you tell me remove all these keys on a gaming keyboard? Already, save money effective, as the K65 TKL are generally more expensive than the 60%.

Players know this from experience: when you’re sitting with your nose on the wheel, in “game”, you don’t necessarily need all the right keys. Left hand on ZQSD (WASD for custom QWERTY purists) and no more: thumb on “space” and pinky on “control”, all fingers know what to do.

The importance of these small keyboards is to have an ideal approach to the keys, to gain speed of execution. The responsiveness of the keys is a model of its kind with Axon technology. Otherwise, their small size is very portablemaking them perfect for E-sport LANs where you usually want to bring your own gear.

To not spoil anything, the USB-C cable can be removed at will, and the “keycaps” (keyboard keys) are interchangeable. So they are ideal keyboards to promote your team or to simply assemble a keyboard with colored and personalized keys.

Corsair K65 Mini: do more with less

Even if the function keys (from F1 to F12) are missing on the keyboard because we generally don’t use them for playing, they can be found with a double press of the function keyjust like the direction arrows.

At a reduced price, we therefore benefit from a compact and nomadic keyboard from Corsair, with Cherry MX Red switches appreciated by gamers for their responsiveness, guaranteed manufacturing quality and compatibility with the manufacturer’s iCUE suite† A great choice for gamers on their way to victory.

Buy the K65 Mini Keyboard for $98 at Amazon

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