Gattuso defends himself against accusations of racism

Very controversial comments by Gennaro Gattuso, made in 2008 and 2013, have surfaced on social networks in recent days when the former Italian midfielder is announced on Valencia’s side. He defended himself with the Gazzetta dello Sport.

Twenty-three days. Not even time to unpack his boxes. On June 17, Fiorentina announced the departure of Gennaro Gattuso, who had been appointed three weeks earlier. Disagreements over the transfer window were then put forward to explain this totally failed marriage. A year after this funny experience, the 44-year-old Calabrian is on his way to find a bench. According to the Spanish media, everything indicates that Valencia has chosen him to replace José Bordalas. And this despite the controversy that is beginning to swell. On social networks, a former club leader Miguel Zorio launched a campaign to oppose the likely arrival of Gattuso. In question: highly controversial comments from the ex-Italian international a few years ago. Statements that resurfaced last summer when his name was mentioned alongside Tottenham as Nuno Espírito Santo’s successor.

The hashtag #NoToGattuso was widely shared by Spurs supporters to recall what he had said in 2008 about legalizing same-sex marriage in Spain. “Homosexual marriages, I disagree, he had launched. For me it is between a man and a woman. Yes, that makes me scandalous, because I believe in the family. But hey, we are in 2008 and everyone does what they want.” “I women in football, they don’t suit me. I’m sorry but that’s how it is,” he also said in 2013 in response to the appointment of Barbara Berlusconi, daughter of the former president of the Italian council and owner. of AC Milan, one of the leaders of the Lombard club. Finally rejected by the Spurs, who had chosen Antonio Conte, Gattuso said he was “hurt” by the homophobia accusations leveled against him. “My regret is that I didn’t have the opportunity to defend myself, to explain that what people in England were saying didn’t match me,” he said.

“Why would I have bought Bakayoko from Naples?”

Faced with the same allegations today, Gattuso has decided to speak in the columns of La Gazzetta dello Sport this Saturday. “My story speaks for me. Am I racist? Homophobic? Xenophobic? Machinist? But are we crazy? It’s time to calm down. Barbara Berlusconi in football, was to defend the work of Adriano Galliani, who was on the side I was racist “So why would I have bought (Tiémoué) Bakayoko when I was in Naples? I’ve never had anything against black players, many of them have been my teammates and are my friends,” he explained, adding: “What do these people know about me who talk about racism, who hide behind a keyboard or a nickname? I come from a small town in Calabria, Corigliano Calabro. I played in Scotland, with Glasgow Rangers: you know what it can mean for a “southern” to be outside Italy and show everyone he can get by? I built my career through hard work, through dedication, through sweat. Nobody gave me anything. And I will not allow anyone, with these terrible accusations, to hinder my work.”

A very solid update for those who can mainly count on the support of Bakayoko. In an Instagram story, the AC Milan midfielder defended his former coach: “This man is racist? People are going crazy. Forza Mister.” Gattuso also has the confidence of Valencia and its main shareholder Peter Lim. His arrival should be formalized very soon and he has even started working on the transfer window. Portugal’s Sergio Oliveira, who was loaned out by Porto to Roma in the second half of the season, could be his first recruit.