Get back to working out with Major Mouvement

Can you easily climb four flights of stairs and run after your children without getting out of breath? A priori, you are in good shape.

You should still stay there during the long cold months when you sometimes don’t feel like trudging outside. If you’re not one of the approximately 530,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel and you’re in need of some help exercising at home in the coming months, we’ve got some great advice from the mischievous but Serious Major Movement.

“The concept of pleasure is essential, and from there persistence will be born,” confirms the physiotherapist. Without attendance, however, no result: “At least twice a week to stay in shape; but for beginners, once a week is good!” he promises. The progressiveness of the effort is an absolute core concept, just like listening to each other. But still ? “I can look for uncomfortable situations during a session and observe how my body tolerates it three days later. Am I in pain? On the contrary, am I all right?”

Efforts adapted to the objectives

The program he proposes in his book lasts eight weeks, “a period corresponding to a muscle’s adaptation time, he explains, which is necessary to avoid injury, especially for those starting from scratch with regular training”. It provides three sessions, ideally 48 hours apart, lasting between thirty and sixty minutes: “The brain needs twenty intense minutes or thirty minutes more moderate minutes to understand that the body is exercising and thus releasing all the endorphins.” to create and activate the metabolism, details Major Movement.

The warm-up takes four to ten minutes and stretches, which were not previously recommended, are done at least two hours after training and should never be painful. Do you want to work on strength, endurance, gain muscle mass? The number of reps and sets depends on everyone’s goals: what if you started with these first two sessions?

Session 1: Back + Cardio

Standing, feet slightly wider than your hips, position the dumbbells. Push the buttocks back as if to sit down. Press into the heels and stand up straight as you exhale. Repeat 20 times.

Go down into a large squat. As you stand up straight, lift the knee and lower the elbow. Alternate left and right, repeat 6 times.

Core your back and abs, pushing well into the floor with your hands. Go for the position of the sprinter, right and left. Repeat 30 times.

Lying down, feet slightly apart, pubic bone sunk into the ground. Push the fist forward, to the right, and then to the left. Repeat 12 times.

Session 2: Cardio + Tabata glutes

In semi-squat position, elbows extended, alternating left arm and right arm. Repeat 6 times.

In the sheath position, with both hands at face level, pull an arrow up, to the right, then to the left. Repeat 6 times.

Hold a weight on your pubic bone. Tighten your glutes, abs, and thighs to lift your pelvis into a plank. Repeat 6 times.

10 keys to a healthy body, Great Movement, ed. Marabout, 16.90 euros.
In this complete and entertaining book, he dismantles received ideas, lists the common mistakes of budding sportsmen and women, provides explanations and exercises to get started with an eight-week program, mixing and matching according to your habits and your goals. .