Go-Sport Roubaix “as boss” in the Tour d’Eure-et-Loir – News

This will do the greatest good for the training of Go-Sport Roubaix Lille Métropole. After the success of Valentin Tafellion the day before – the first of the Northerners at this level this season – the Conti returned to cover this Sunday during the third and final stage of the Tour d’Eure-et-Loir (2.2). This time it was Samuel Leroux who won in the bunch sprint. The collective of the third world division even offered a double-double, after which Valentin Tafellion took second place in the stage and the two men also finished in the first two places of the final overall (see ranking“I think it can give us confidence for the future. Until then, we lacked confidence”Samuel Leroux rejoiced with DirectVelo


For this weekend, the team’s victory counter at professional and/or Class 2 level was still not unlocked – Norman Vahtra and Evaldas Siskevicius had won the Tour of Estonia, but in the colors of their respective national teams -. Here’s the same counter that now shows three units two days later. After the new successes of the St-Michel-Auber 93 team on the roads of the Ronde de l’Oise (2.2), the Go-Sport Roubaix Lille Métropole also wanted their share of the pie. “In the Oise, Valentin was bravely beaten in a sprint… We wanted to win in turn. It was time to make it happen, because now we move on to Ventoux and the Route d’Occitanie and there it will be a hassle for the team”smiles Samuel Leroux.

Shortly after the finish, Valentin Tafellion was just as happy for his teammate Samuel Leroux as he was for his own win on Saturday. “You can’t ask for more, that’s for sure. I’m super happy for Sam, he deserves it. With the work he’s been doing all season, the top honors he’s achieved… Great! It’s a really nice end to the Tour d’Eure-et-Loir. We’re a great group of friends, whoever wins, we’re just as happy for some as we are for others.”


During this final sprint of the week, the Roubaisiens maneuvered differently than the day before. “Yesterday (Saturday) I wanted a long sprint. Today (Sunday), as it wasn’t a long straight, it was more random. I didn’t think too much about how to throw, assures Valentin Tafellion. There were many turns. It was quite dangerous, you had to stay in position. I tried to get up as best I could, but the first time I was squeezed before I found the opening. When I saw Sam leading, I knew he would win. It was up to me to do the double to put the icing on the cake”

3rd on the first day, Samuel Leroux didn’t want to miss his chance. “I know I’m fast in the sprint, so I’ve been fighting to stay ahead after Emiel (Vermeulen) worked hard all day. Thomas Denis did a great job when Norman (Vahtra), with his size, managed to take us. I threw 400 meters. I immediately took ten meters and then was thoroughly off. Val was in my wheel and he is 2nd. I’m happy. Even if it’s a Class 2, we’re a Conti and had to brag. It’s good for morale. We also do 1 and 2 overall, which is great. With the cut in July, the end of the season is quickly approaching, so you need to grab what there is to grab. The Class 2s are really at a good level now, it’s unbelievable”


Samuel Leroux felt capable of this victory in the bunch sprint. But you still had to be there. “I have a big speed bump but I don’t like rubbing so I don’t do the bunch sprints often”† Valentin Tafellion, he wanted to make his mark on this event, against the Conti and the amateurs. “We wanted to walk straight ahead. We didn’t get stuck by ridges or breakouts that would have gone without us. We had to run like a boss, ride like we wanted and how we felt. It was better to have the cards in hand”

The two riders will now breathe, even if Valentintabellion follows first with a short three-day course on the track. But neither will make it to the Mont Ventoux Dénivelé Challenge or the Route d’Occitanie, next week’s southern events. For the two teammates, now on their way to the French Championship. Samuel Leroux’s priority goal will be the timed event, which he will now be working on specifically by, conversely, limiting long outings. Valentin Tafellion, for his part, could hope to play his card in a road race that could smile at road sprinters. “Thomas Boudat is also very fast. More than 250 km, I don’t know myself, I’ve never done it. But last year, at Paris-Tours, I was well past 215 km. We will see according to the shape of the moment, after a little rest”† In the meantime, it is above all time to enjoy this near-perfect weekend for the duo and the entire northern collective.