Got 4 ideas about women and sports

This Sunday, May 15, Michel Cymes was surrounded by three columnists in top form. Emma Strack tackled popular conceptions of menstruation and took a world tour of conceptions of menstruation. Patrice Romedenne used the classical dancer Rudolf Nureyev to celebrate the World Day Against Homophobia on Tuesday 17 May. Finally, Christophe Brun also looked at certain preconceived ideas regarding women, but around the theme of sport.

Got the first idea: can’t you exercise when you’re pregnant?

You can exercise while pregnant, provided you’re not trying to break any records. Exercising during pregnancy is recommended to relax, to get back this body that changes so quickly and so. Without contraindication I would call fitness walking, yoga, stretching and swimming natural for a feeling of wearing, very carefully. And no bicycle: too dangerous because of the possibility of falling.

Second idea received: Concentrating your efforts on a single part of the body makes it possible to lose weight faster?

Fake ! The most logical ideas are sometimes the most false. Everyone’s body sets its own rules for the assimilation and elimination of fat. Better to go for a general elimination through cardio exercise than torturing this poor left butt no one asked for. And then remember that to lose weight the first task is to eat less and better. And there, in relation to food hygiene, the sport will have no equal to strip you off a little.

Third idea received: running breaks the knees?

Most scientific studies contradict this rumor. Basically, if you have knee tenderness, it’s pretty certain that you won’t improve it by running; but if you have no history, running has no influence. A study from Stanford University in the United States found that runners’ knees are in the same condition as those of people who don’t run. Running, and impact sports in general, has the main benefit of increasing bone density and hardness. Result: it is excellent for fighting osteoporosis.

Fourth misconception: doing abs is the only way to get (abs)?

It’s just as stupid as saying that eating chocolate bars is the only way to get chocolate bars. You can do 3000 abs a day, if you have fat under the skin, or worse, in between the intestines, you cannot make these tablets appear. The only way to make your abs show up is to expose them… ha yes, because that too is an accepted idea. People say, “I have to do sit-ups to get rid of my belly.” No, what you have to do is lose your belly to gain abs. Just like you don’t have to exercise to lose weight, you need to lose weight to exercise. You see ?

Exercising still helps you lose weight when you start. But before you start your new exercise habit, you might want to spend ten or fifteen days trying to eat better and eat less, thus losing a few pounds BEFORE you start. You will then be in much better conditions to exercise, your results will be faster and more durable… the beginning will be less painful, you will not be discouraged and you will be able to make sport part of your habits with a hair less than limitations.

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