Gouiri doesn’t close the door to a 3rd season in Nice

Gouiri “does not forbid himself” to stay in Nice next season

Nice striker Amine Gouiri (22) told Nice-Matin on Friday that he could stay at the Côte d’Azur next season, more precisely that he “does not forbid himself” from staying at the Gym for a third season.

The young Aiglon also confided that he “never considered doing just one season in Nice” and that “the question of a departure never arose” last summer.

PSG: What will the Champions League elimination change for Mbappé’s future

Can Madrid defeat confirm any hope of extending Kylian Mbappe for the Parisians? A little less than 48 hours after the painful evening spent in the Spanish capital, the French striker has not yet got his head around this Friday to deepen the reflection on his future.

Frankly, the Bernabeu fiasco should not categorically tip the scales towards leaving. But he was able to advance the timing of announcing his decision.

At PSG, on the other hand, the time for reflection has already begun. Nothing will be rushed, but the leaders are trying to understand what needs to be changed. And change will come. Mbappé’s extension has become even more important in that sense… But the Frenchman wanted to evolve into a strong project from the start. And Tuesday’s game is not the best example.


The Italian press asks the “Mona Lisa” Donnarumma to come home

Criticized after his dump against Real Madrid, Gianluigi Donnarumma still has a good rating in Italy. The Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper Italy is even asking the PSG goalkeeper to leave Ligue 1 to return to Serie A.

The newspaper made the front page of the 23-year-old player, introducing him as a Mona Lisa, a masterpiece of Italian painting exhibited in Paris, with one of the most explicit titles: “Come home Gigio”.

That’s great, Juventus would still be interested in him, according to the Gazzetta, and could thus regain his confidence for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

PSG: Riolo offers himself for president

Daniel Riolo, journalist and sports editor for RMC, presents his candidacy for the PSG presidency “very seriously” to replace Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, whom he believes responsible for the new Parisian elimination from the Champions League.

“It (the possible sanctions, editor’s note) makes sense, justified against the real person who has been responsible for the fiasco for years, namely the president, launches Daniel Riolo. He is the first person in charge. We can talk about the coach, the Sports Director, Players It is clear that the players are to blame but they are placed in circumstances that have been chosen and desired for years Authority comes from above, verticality comes from the top and it does not exist at PSG The first person in charge is the chairman from this club that is not fit for these positions I remind you of course that I can make myself available if PSG want to win the Champions League one day as I will be the only one who can do it And I mean very seriously , know that.”

PSG: Mancunian flashback for Pochettino

Eliminated from the Champions League with PSG, Mauricio Pochettino does not seem a solution for the future in Paris. The Ile-de-France club narrowly eliminated from the C1, the English press revives rumors of a move to Manchester United.

For the Daily Mail, however, one condition is essential to attract the current Paris coach: telling him he is management’s number 1 choice.

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PSG’s Champions League defeat to Real Madrid could well spell the end of Kylian Mbappe’s Paris adventure. The 23-year-old has not made anything official yet, but his extension to Paris or his departure to Spain will very quickly become a major problem for both clubs.

Elsewhere in France, the Cabella option is resurfacing in Saint-Etienne. Released since his contract with the Krasnodar Russians expired, the attacking midfielder could find Ligue 1, but Pascal Dupraz hasn’t shown much enthusiasm for now.