Headache after exercise: what explains it?

Before or after physical activity can cause headaches. However, several factors are at the root of these conditions. And yet physical activity was basically beneficial against migraine attacks. What has changed in the meantime? Are our ways of practicing sports different? Where do these headaches come from?

The causes of headaches during physical exertion: is it normal?

As mentioned above, exercising allows us to release the emotional charge in the body while avoiding headaches. Today, this activity can have the opposite effect and often cause problems.

For example, an athlete with migraines may experience more or less frequent headaches during or immediately after exercise. And depending on its severity, headaches can be divided into two types:

– Simple headache:

Of generally unknown origin, these headaches can be the result of stress, fatigue and intense physical activity.

They cause shooting pains in the form of throbbing or pulsing, for two days.

Also note that dehydration can be a cause of frequent headaches.

– Complex headache:

Also called secondary or indirect headache, this headache generally has 3 causes.

  • Cough-related headache
  • Sex-related headache
  • Headache related to physical exertion

Therefore, headaches related to physical activity occur after more or less intense physical activity. Indeed, during this intense activity, tissue oxygenation is too low. It is a phenomenon that has its origin in vascular reactions. During a headache, for example, the veins in the brain are depleted up to 50% of their actual supply.

So, what are the real causes of exercise headaches?

Exercising heavy weights, lifting weights, or heart-intensive activities can cause frequent headaches as intracranial pressure increases.

Dehydration is a major cause and promotes headaches with exercise. In fact, during dehydration, there are few fluids in the body and they tend to affect free blood circulation and create intracranial vasoconstriction, which causes headaches.

Headache after exercise, what should be understood?

Headaches after exercise originate in the brain as the blood vessels dilate beyond their adequate capacity. This puts enormous pressure on the meninges and causes headaches.

Among other manifestations we can note:

  • A combination of high blood pressure
  • A high heart rate
  • thick blood
  • A contraction of the arteries that will create a concentration of blood that wants to enter the brain in record time, causing the dilation of the brain’s blood vessels.

Low sugar levels may also explain these post-exercise headaches.

How to respond to a headache after physical exertion?

Headaches after exercise are never unimportant. It is even said that after practicing a sport and regardless of its intensity, headaches should not be felt, on the contrary, you should be in a certain comfort, a certain physical well-being.

However, if you feel these conditions, it is imperative to go back to find out the real causes. This article may enable you to identify the source of these evils first and avoid them later.

Therefore, when this headache occurs, it is recommended to take anti-inflammatory and non-steroidal drugs (eg aspirin). These drugs are usually prescribed for recurring headaches.

Therefore, respecting a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and hydration can effectively prevent them.

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