Health: 10 good reasons to start exercising (again)!

Regular and appropriate exercise is essential to keep the body in good health. ©shutterstock_Studio Romantic

We can never repeat it enough, regular exercise is one of the most effective remedies for staying healthy. Except that the health crisis has been there and crystallized in an unprecedented way the damage caused by one of the great scourges of our century: a sedentary lifestyle.

“After the period we have just experienced, it is essential to resume daily and regular physical activity”warns Dr. Jean-Marcel Ferret, sports doctor, especially for football players from the Blues and Olympique Lyonnais.

All the more so when this exercise comes from simple reflexes, far from the effort required by the marathon runner according to the sports doctor. “The priority is to move: take the bike instead of the car, climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator, make your travels on foot instead of public transport… This daily practice of physical activity comes corresponds to a much greater expenditure of energy than one exercise session per week.In short, nothing beats good daily practice.When I see teenagers or young adults systematically taking an escalator instead of a flight of stairs, I feel a little desperate and worried about future generations. If you’re still not convinced, here’s the list of the health benefits of physical activity.

Improve your cardio!

Although it is a vital organ, the heart is not spoiled enough. So it is high time to change the situation. Physical activity, which is necessary for proper functioning, increases heart contraction by up to 20%. The exercise therefore ensures a better adaptation of the heart to the effort. And its benefits are recognized by all. For example, in people who already have heart disease, appropriate and regular activity reduces mortality by nearly 35%, according to the Ministry of Sport.

Avoid being overweight or obese

To lose the excess pounds of this winter, or the last ten winter seasons, you also have to go through the sports box! Sweating yes, but gradually. It is not necessary to set yourself extremely fast, dangerous and difficult to achieve weight loss challenges. Forget the challenge of weighing less than 10 kg in one week! The right rhythm: move a little more every day and definitely get rid of a sedentary life, the main cause of obesity. It is indeed urgent to replace your remote control with dumbbells: in France, 53% of men and 44% of women are obese.

Preventing Diseases

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Mental health, disease prevention or even a sleep booster… Sport has many positive effects on health. ©svetlanasokolova/Freepik

If it is responsible for a lot of damage, the absence of physical activity is the first risk factor for various pathologies, such as type 2 diabetes. Conversely, sport is a recipe for the prevention and treatment of chronic disease. Objectives: keep the body active and improve bodily functions, especially those of the immune system! The blood circulation is indeed improved when you exercise: antibodies and white blood cells can therefore intervene more easily. So instead of stuffing yourself with nutritional supplements to maintain your health, why not put on your sneakers?

Boost your morale

What could be better than a good walk or run to get back on your feet? The benefits of physical activity on stress no longer need to be proven. The practice of sports makes it possible, among other things, to reduce all symptoms of anxiety or even depression, improve self-esteem and develop creativity! Its very positive influence on intellectual development and mental health has been observed for centuries. Playing it as a collective sport also enhances social abilities such as listening, empathy or collaboration. A sports session is therefore essential in all cocooning programs that are equivalent!

sleep like a baby

If you need to sleep well to be in shape, the opposite is also true! Physical expenditure has a real impact on the quality of sleep, through various biases. The well-being hormones secreted during exercise promote deep sleep. The temperature that rises throughout the body also makes it possible, by gradually falling, to improve sleep. 20 to 30 minutes of endurance exercise are therefore a much better option for your health than sleeping pills… However, be careful not to do any intense activity in the evening as it can have the opposite effect on sleep.

Protect your muscles!

Like butter in the summer, muscles also melt after a certain age. Fortunately, over much longer it is estimated that the strength of the muscles decreases by an average of almost 2% per year by the age of 50. However, regular exercise helps reduce muscle wastage. While they are at work, the latter contract and grow stronger. Gradually, the muscles become more durable and stronger. A great way to stay in shape longer!

Maintain good bone density

The skeleton also needs to be strengthened, at any age of life. If calcium is good for the bones, so is sport. Physical activity improves the density of bone tissues by promoting their mineralization. In other words, the bones are strengthened and solidified by exercise. Especially the moderate impact ones like running, fitness or even tennis, taking care not to injure yourself of course!

Improve your intestinal transit

There’s nothing better than a good walk after a meal to digest. However, this practice, which has become commonplace, is being carried out less and less… Wrongly! Exercise in general significantly improves transit. The contraction and stimulation of the intestinal muscles promote their efficiency. Conversely, one of the main factors of constipation is a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting still and inactive for too long also makes the digestive system sluggish! Sport is therefore a good ally not to belong to the 20% of the French who are regularly stuck in the toilet.

Save your back by exercising

Real evil of the century, back pain now affects almost all generations. However, this is far from inevitable! The tensions that build up in the muscles and the spine can be limited by more dynamics. The simple act of walking more improves mobility, which is essential for independence. Running, swimming, cycling, gymnastics… The multitude of individual and collective sports, performed in a way adapted to your morphology, allows you to vary your enjoyment and reduce back pain.

Live better, longer

Chronic diseases, obesity, muscle breakdown… Physical inactivity significantly increases the risk of death. It is also responsible for more than 600,000 deaths per year in Europe. But good news: the reverse is also true. Walking for 15 minutes every day would reduce mortality by 15%! And this, regardless of the state of health of the people. Exercise is beneficial for improving the general health and functioning of vital organs, allowing you to enjoy life longer and fitter!


“Up to 5 million deaths per year could be avoided if the world population were 5 million more active deaths,” the WHO said.

Physical activity isn’t just running or walking. If the individual and collective sports are varied, you can also participate in other daily activities. This is especially the case with gardening, odd jobs or housework.