here are the asset and interest declarations of the 12 candidates

From 9.7 million euros net for Valérie Pécresse to 122,000 euros net for Philippe Poutou, to a net of half a million euros for Emmanuel Macron, here are the declarations of assets and interests of the 12 candidates for the presidential elections, published Tuesday by the Hoge Authority for Transparency in Public Life (HATVP).

The president of the Île-de-France region and LR candidate has three houses and land for a total value of more than 4.1 million euros, including a house in Yvelines and another in Loire-Atlantique.

Her husband, an executive at General Electric, and she own nearly $6.5 million in life insurance, retirement savings, stock options, stocks, current accounts and various savings products, or even $60,000 in works of art. Mrs. Pécresse also has a debt of one million euros, between a mortgage (811,049 euros) and a debt to the treasury of 173,749 euros.

The latter amount, which was communicated “late at the end of 2021”, was paid in February, the candidate’s entourage told AFP. It is related to “a delay in the tax authorities’ calculation of the adjustment” between the taxes due for 2020 and the amounts withheld at source.

The Candidate Reconquest! is the owner or co-owner in Paris of five apartments ranging from 27 to 165 m2 for amounts from 176,400 to 1.8 million euros. He still has about 633,000 euros to repay from four mortgages.

He also owns 90% of the capital of the Rubempré publishing house, worth 1.5 million euros. The ex-journalist of Le Figaro gets most of his income from it as a manager or writer.

The RN candidate declared real estate for a total of 1.29 million euros: a house of 633 m2 in Hauts-de-Seine, of which she owns 12.5% ​​in SCI for an amount of 616,800 euros; a house of 120 m2 in Morbihan, of which together she owns 28.5%, or 111,883 euros; and finally a house in the Yvelines, of which she owns 25% together, or 565,801 euros.

She took out three loans, including one for her presidential campaign with the Hungarian bank MKB for EUR 10,691,775 million.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan: 2 million euros

The Debout la France candidate owns several properties, including a 105 m2 apartment in Paris with a value of 1.4 million euros. He gets most of his income from his elected office.

The assets of the LFI candidate mainly consist of an apartment in Paris with a value of 1.2 million euros, a house in the Loiret for 170,000 euros and 95,000 euros in various bank accounts. However, Mr Mélenchon still has to pay back 100,000 euros in mortgage.

Jean Lassalle: 630,000 euros

The President of the Resistance! and former shepherd owns land in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques for 120,000 euros and also three houses and an apartment, for 680,000 euros in total.

The mayor of Paris and PS candidate together with her husband own a house in Paris of 118 m2 worth almost 1.4 million euros, for which 400,000 euros still have to be repaid. Ms. Hidalgo also has about 100,000 euros in various bank accounts.

As in 2017, the presidential candidate declared a heritage consisting mainly of bank accounts and financial instruments: a booklet on sustainable development supplemented with 120,000 euros and a Livret A of 22,000 euros; life insurance with a surrender value of 113,000 euros.

He still has to repay about 122,500 euros from a loan for works that he took out in 2011.

Mr Macron already submitted a statement of the financial situation at the end of 2021 and the HATVP has ruled that his variation since his entry into the Elysée Palace in 2017 was “not abnormal”. He received 900,000 euros of net taxable income between the start of his mandate at the Elysée and December 31, 2021.

The largest part of the EELV candidate’s assets consists of a life insurance policy of 67,000 euros, 90,000 euros spread over five bank accounts and an electric scooter of 4,000 euros. His MEP mandate provides a gross income of 108,900 euros per year.

Fabien Roussel: 220,000 euros

The communist candidate owns two houses in his northern department, one of 100 m2 in full ownership for 180,000 euros, the other, 60% owned, for 120,000 euros. He took out a mortgage (of which EUR 92,770 remains to be repaid) and a zero-interest loan (EUR 6,130 remaining). One of his checking accounts was in the red on the date of his declaration, -219 euros.

Nathalie Arthaud: 219,000 euros

Lutte Ouvrière’s candidate is co-owner of a 48 m2 apartment in Pantin (Seine-Saint-Denis), whose share is valued at 177,600 euros. Savings of less than 40,000 euros.

Philippe Poutou: 122,000 euros

The job candidate has been unemployed since his resignation from Ford’s Blanquefort (Gironde) plant in September 2021. He receives allowances as a municipal and metropolitan councilor in Bordeaux. He has no real estate, but almost 100,000 euros spread over four bank accounts.