his records and the one he could beat

Long banned from the French team, the achievements of the reclusive striker in Spain for thirteen years only interested purists in France. However, the man with the two eternal features carved on the skull forged his legend in the biggest club in the world, Real Madrid.

A few days after nearly single-handedly knocking Paris Saint-Germain out of the Champions League, he became France’s top goalscorer in history on Monday, March 14. Now author of 413 goals, he is other holy monsters such as Thierry Henry, Zinedine Zidane or Michel Platini for… After this record, a new record in his career, the Lyon native could set new records.

France’s top scorer in history

This is his last record. With his double score against Mallorca just days after a hat-trick against PSG, Karim Benzema is now France’s top scorer in history, clubs and squad combined. He is two lengths ahead of world champion Thierry Henry. This historic figure amounts to 311 goals for Real Madrid, 66 for Olympique Lyonnais and 36 for the French team, whom he met again last summer for the European Championship.

The most successful Frenchman in history

In football, as in sports in general, it is often said that at the end of a career only the titles remain. And titles, “KB9” has a few (27). From the seven trophies he won with Olympique Lyonnais to the twenty with Real Madrid (including 4 Champions Leagues), he outperforms any other tricolor player. With the Blues, however, he has only one trophy, which he won last fall during the League of Nations. Greedy and hungry for titles, there is no doubt that the World Cup before the end of the year in Qatar is an important goal for the player.

The most capped Frenchman in the Champions League

Great players love great encounters. And in football, the Champions League is the queen of competitions. A winner of four big-eared trophies, he’s no stranger to the White House’s recent success in the competition. While he is one of the top four scorers in C1 history (79 goals, only Lewandowski, Messi and Ronaldo outperform), he is also the Frenchman to have played the most games in the Champions League (137).

Become Real Madrid’s most capable foreign player

Against Paris Saint-Germain, the New started his 500th game for Real Madrid. Only one foreign player has fared better at the club: the Brazilian Roberto Carlos. But his record is getting closer and closer. After the victory over Marjoque, Benzema is only 24 games away from surpassing this record (524 caps). However, this record cannot be broken at the end of the season. However, it could be achieved in 2022.

Become the top scorer in the history of the French team

Scoring another 16 goals in squad at the age of 34 may seem utopian, but remember it’s Karim Benzema. And that his years under the spell of the French team whetted his appetite. Of his 36 goals in 94 caps, the Madrid player is the fifth top scorer in the history of the French team. For him, retirees Michel Platini (41 goals) and Thierry Henry (51) do not move. It is the latter currently holding the record. His teammates Antoine Griezmann (42) and Olivier Giroud (46) are also at gunpoint, but have seen their numbers increase.