Hollande calls for “stop” purchase of Russian gas

The former president believes France can “no longer morally and politically” buy gas from Moscow. If the end of supplies were a “sacrifice”, it could accelerate the development of renewables and prompt Europe to “limit wholesale gas prices”.

Pointing out French and European inconsistencies in Vladimir Putin’s stopping. Former President François Hollande signs a platform The world calling on Paris to drastically curtail the purchase of Russian gas before completely abolishing it at the level of all member states of the European Union “to ensure our own security and inflict a major setback on Vladimir Putin”.

“Can we morally and politically buy gas from Russia while Vladimir Putin’s army is crushing Ukraine, besieging Kiev, bombing entire cities and horribly torturing the civilian population to whom we provide aid that we no longer remember?” former president first on the 13th day of the conflict between the two countries, when more than 1.7 million people fled Ukraine.

“We fund the war we condemn elsewhere”

While the 27 have taken unprecedented sanctions, including the asset freeze of the oligarchs and the exclusion of Russian banks from the international payment platform Swift, François Hollande acknowledges a “certain efficiency”.

“But for reasons that are easy to understand and related to our dependence (40% for the European Union), gas and oil supplies have been protected and contracts with Gazprom have been strictly respected until now. (…) We are therefore financing the war that we condemn elsewhere,” then attacks the person who negotiated the Minsk accords with Vladimir Putin in 2014.

“Reason as emotion” to stop France’s purchase of Russian gas

It is that such a decision would lead to “a double shock of price and quantity would result from next winter”, explains the former tenant of the Élysée, before unfolding the arguments to convince France to take the plunge .

“Isn’t it necessary to ensure our own security and to inflict a major setback on Vladimir Putin to radically change our energy model much faster than expected? (…) Both reason and emotion lead us to make this choice and work as soon as possible. For France, the target is within our reach as Russian gas represents 20% of our consumption,” explains the former president.

François Hollande does not hesitate to appeal directly to the French as nearly 44,000 people gathered in France this Saturday to support the Ukrainian people, according to figures from the Interior Ministry.

“Sacrifices” for the French

“It would be inevitable to ask the French to reduce their heating next winter. This effort could also be called today,” said the former head of state, saying “convinced that our compatriots would be “ready for this sacrifice”.

“Reducing gas dependence should also apply to François Hollande through renewable energy sources, which obey “powers other than those of the wind, the sun and the earth”. ‘ to determine,” he recalls.

However, François Hollande’s appeal goes beyond French borders and directly targets EU Member States and in particular Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission.

Capturing gas prices at European level

“Europe should seize this opportunity to radically change its policy by imposing a cap on wholesale gas prices, which would have the advantage of limiting the rise in electricity prices as the two are linked,” explains the former president.

Such a measure “would be a heavy burden on the European Union budget, but in the end wouldn’t it be cheaper in the short term than launching major armaments programs with funding that does not exist today?” wonders François Hollande. again.

Before he gave peaks to Emmanuel Macron.

The “Skipped” Presidential Elections

While the presidential candidate announced the construction of six new reactors on February 10, François Hollande calls for “extension of the existing plants” instead of “thinking about new reactors”, he who nevertheless took action during his term for the closure of the Fessenheim.

“On the eve of the presidential election, where the stakes have never been higher and yet where the debates threaten to be skipped, are we in a position to take decisive steps for our country?” the former president, while Emmanuel Macron himself stated in his “Letter to the French” last Thursday that he “couldn’t campaign as[he)wantedbecauseofthecontext

It is not the first time that François Hollande has issued a harsh judgment on his successor’s diplomatic choices with regard to Moscow.

A few days before the invasion of Ukraine, he had regretted on BFMTV the “symbolic frameworks” that Emmanuel Macron offered to Vladimir Poutine at the beginning of his mandate, between his visits to Versailles and Fort Brégançon, believing that the Russian president only understood “the balance of power”.