how did MMA establish itself in sports betting?

Martial arts are on the rise among sports gamblers. Find out how MMA became popular in the gambling world.

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is a mishmash of different martial arts that emerged in the Americas in the 1990s. Find out how this discipline has managed to make its mark in sports betting in less than 30 years.

An increasingly popular sport around the world

In the early days in America, MMA was very little known as it was considered extremely violent. However, this discipline has become more and more famous over the years thanks to the work of the UFC.
This American organization has established several rules to make this sport a codified discipline. This ordinance has allowed for a growth in the number of practitioners of the discipline.

Since then, the sport’s popularity has continued to grow. It was first the American public that was conquered by the UFC fights. MMA has become more popular in this country and has even become the fourth most popular sport there.
The fights are broadcast by various television channels around the world and the discipline has gradually expanded to other continents. In Asia, it has climbed into the top 5 most popular sports. MMA fights have also been very successful in Europe where several organizations have sprung up.
This discipline, thanks to its spectacular side, has managed to attract the attention of the general public all over the world. However, this booming popularity of MMA is also due to the marketing strategy of the UFC.
This competition has indeed caught the attention of fans by offering them the most anticipated fights. For example, we can call the clash between Francis Ngannou (heavyweight champion) and Cyril Gane his best challenger, or that between McGregor (ex-champion) and Poirier (lightweight champion).
These two fan-favorite fights were followed by millions of television viewers around the world. Due to the strong interest generated by this sport, bookmakers have been offering betting offers on MMA fights for several years now.

More and more battles to bet on

In the early years, MMA was mainly represented by the UFC. With the booming popularity of this competition, several other organizations started to emerge around the world. With this plethora of competitions, more and more matchups are being organized.

Alarm clocks therefore have the opportunity to bet more regularly on MMA fights. Here is a list of some well-known organizations that bookmakers offer betting on.

Organization Country and year of launch
cfu United States in 1993
Cage Warriors England in 2001
KSW (Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki) Poland in 2004
Bellator MMA United States in 2008
one championship Singapore in 2011
Invicta FC United States in 2013

The UFC competition has more than 400 fighters and hosts about 40 events each year in which multiple clashes occur (between 5 and 7).
Bellator is the second largest MMA organization in the world with approximately 135 fighters. It hosts multiple clashes per month.

Invicta FC is an MMA organization that has chosen to open its doors only to female fighters. It organizes its events on average every two months. This match is very popular in the United States where many gamblers regularly bet on the fights.
The One Championship is the largest MMA organization on the Asian continent. It has more than 200 fighters from Thailand, China, Cambodia and Singapore.
The KSW is one of the largest organizations in Eastern Europe. It has about a hundred fighters. Since its inception in 2004, this league has hosted approximately 618 matches. That makes an average of three fights a month.

MMA Betting Tips

If you want to bet on MMA, you first have to stay informed about the rules of the competitions. The organizations are administered by different bodies, the rules differ from one league to another.
Before placing your bet, you should also review the history of clashes between the two opponents of the day to better assess the balance of power. However, it is not enough to choose the fighter with the most impressive track record to guarantee the winning forecast.
Know that MMA is a particularly difficult sport to predict as there are several others involved. To increase your chances of making a winning bet, get to know the fighters to identify their strengths and weaknesses.
So you will have to know what their characteristics are, namely their favorite style, their posture, etc. Then it will be necessary to take an interest in the news, because MMA is an environment where information falls every day that can influence the outcome of a fight. influence.
To take advantage of a wide range of bets, covering all competitions and weight categories, turn to bookmakers specializing in MMA. These also offer the best odds in the market, allowing you to take advantage of the best bets in the event of a win. These specialized sites also guarantee you detailed statistics about each upcoming battle.