how is the situation on the eighteenth day of the russian invasion?

On the eighteenth day of the Russian invasion, fighting continued around several major cities in the country, including Kiev.

The conflict is spreading further and further into Ukrainian territory. On the eighteenth day of the Russian invasion, fighting continued around several major cities in the country, including Kiev, the encircled capital, as well as Odessa, a vital gateway to the Black Sea that continued to withstand the onslaught. On the ground, the humanitarian situation is catastrophic and the journalists are also targeted by the Moscow army.

• An American journalist shot dead

This Sunday, Brent Renaud, a 50-year-old freelance photographer and filmmaker, became the first foreign journalist to be murdered since the start of the conflict. At the time of the events, he was accompanied by a second American journalist who was injured near Irpin, on the outskirts of Kiev.

Brent Renaud “was shot in the neck and killed instantly,” Danylo Shapovalov, a doctor involved with Ukrainian troops treating the victims, told AFP. An AFP reporter saw the body of the murdered journalist, who was carrying his identification papers, including an old New York Times accreditation card.

As reminded by New York Times in an article devoted to the deceased, he is a journalist as well as a multi-award-winning filmmaker who has worked for many media outlets, including HBO, NBC and the New York Times.

• Mariupol, city tortured by the conflict

More than 2,100 residents of Mariupol, the besieged port city in southeastern Ukraine, have been killed since the start of the Russian offensive, the city’s town hall announced on Sunday.

“Residents cynically and deliberately attack residential buildings, densely populated areas, destroy children’s hospitals and urban infrastructure (…). To date, 2,187 residents of Mariupol have been killed in the Russian attacks,” the town hall said. from Mariupol on Telegram. “In 24 hours we have seen 22 shelling of a peaceful city. About 100 bombs have already been dropped on Mariupol,” he added.

Mariupol, a strategic port city located between Crimea and the Donbass, has been plunged into an “almost hopeless” situation, without food and without water, gas, electricity and communications, MSF said Friday.

• Russian negotiator sees ‘progress’ in talks

Towards a de-escalation? A Russian negotiator said on Sunday that talks between Kiev and Moscow are progressing amid the conflict in Ukraine at a time when diplomatic contacts are intensifying despite the active continuation of the fighting.

“If we compare the position of the two delegations between the start of the negotiations and now, we see significant progress,” said Leonid Slutsky, a member of parliament who was part of the Russian delegation that recently met Ukrainian negotiators in Belarus.

“My personal expectation is that very soon this progress will lead to a common position between the two delegations and to documents to be signed,” he added, quoted by Russian news agencies.

Since the launch of the Moscow military offensive on February 24, three rounds of talks have taken place in Belarus. They mainly focused on creating humanitarian corridors for civilians.

• A Russian attack targeted a military base near the Polish border

A military base near the Polish border in western Ukraine, hitherto relatively spared from Russian attacks, was bombed overnight, killing at least 35 local authorities, according to Sunday, while the south of the country continues to be shelled and that Kiev fears an encirclement.

This military base is located in Yavoriv, ​​about 40 kilometers northwest of Lviv, where many displaced persons have gathered, and about 20 kilometers from the border with Poland, a NATO member state. In recent years it has served as a training ground for Ukrainian armed forces under the supervision of foreign instructors, especially American and Canadian.