How many F1 Grands Prix in 2023?

The return of historic racetracks has prompted past glories to work hard for them too, trying to compete with the new racetracks that have a global presence in the Middle East. But because there is so much competition to organize Formula 1, the calendar is overloaded and dangerously approaching the 24 Grands Prix limit, regulated and limited by the Concorde Agreements† With a possible return of an African circuit next season, the future looks bleak for several circuits…

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A global and demanding market

In its modern age and marked by the advent of hybrid engines, never has F1 done so well, economically or in popularity† This popular resurgence is largely explained by the near-universal presence of single-seaters in the world at least once a season.

Like the most prestigious sports and poker leagues in particular, F1 needs to be present in all areas to advance vocations and, from a more sober standpoint, to maintain its grip on global motorsport. The world of entertainment has understood this well by offering tournaments on a planetary scale and under the auspices of one long-time candidate Lewis Hamilton, F1 looks set to return to the African continent.

A Grand Prix at Kyalami in 2023?

Shortly after the arrival of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, the Formula 1 big boss did not return to London and, on the contrary, opted to join South Africa. There Stefano Domenicali met the officials of the Kyalami circuit, always with the idea of ​​reconnecting with this historic event last won by Alain Prost in 1993.

Discussions have been going on since then many weeks and if agreed, the circuit in the suburbs of Johannesburg would certainly find the calendar of the world championship, probably from 2023.

A newcomer who would have to disrupt an increasingly busy schedule again and also tiring for the members of the stables.

Follow the contracts

The agreements are thriving better than ever on the London and F1 HQ side. For now, however, neither Liberty Media nor the FIA ​​have been able to extend the number of 52 weekends present in a calendar year.

Behind this light joke is an undeniable fact, there should indeed be 24 Formula 1 Grands Prix during the 2023 season† Confirmed for ten yearsQatar’s Grand Prix will return next year, as will Las Vegas, which has been announced with great fanfare by the authorities for November 2023.

Let’s take into account the contract still in force on the side of China and Shanghai, which should eventually find the sound of the V6 according to the health evolution in the immense Asian country.

Historically, the essence of F1 has played out in Europe, as Chloe Targett-Adams, the brand’s development director, reminded us. A reassuring aspect for purists that was quickly disproved by his other statements, suggesting that in the near term, the challenge was more on the side of Asia and Africa† A media and strategic upheaval that will intrinsically endanger European circuits before 2023.

Caption: Spa could disappear

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Leaving the Summer Race?

Stamped with the moniker of the “summer race,” the disputed Grand Prix de France at Le Castellet in 2023 may well keep its cool. In France and within the FFSA, the actors are concerned about and the pressure of Magny-Cours and authorities who remember persistent that the circuit of Nivernais has again the maximum figure of the FIA ​​does not predict continuity. Which in general the F1 does not like.

Great and legendary circuit of the calendar, Spa-Francorchamps could also afford the addition of new dates to the World Championship. If so, a monument to sports history would leave the calendar, if only temporarily.