How rising fuel prices are changing our daily lives

Fuel prices are skyrocketing. They will remain high, continue to fluctuate and the French can no longer afford the price, until they turn our daily lives upside down.

They were thousands this week to call RMC. The French are grabbed by the throat, unable to afford a full tank of gas that has nearly doubled. This increase is not without consequences for the lives of the French, who are obliged to change their practices, even their lives.

Want to work more or change jobs?

Florian is a truck driver in the Bouches du Rhône. This Friday morning he went to refuel in Arles. A liter of diesel costs more than € 2.50. To compensate for this increase, this father is going to make concessions: more overtime, more often on the road and less family life.

“I have a five-month-old child. I don’t have to see him all week to earn 200 euros more to pay for diesel,” he explains.

Florian’s case is far from an isolated case.

Jérôme is a truck driver at the Belfort waste processing plant. He earns a net income of 1,380 euros per month and travels 140 km each day to get to work. A journey that costs him more and more, “half of (his) salary goes to gasoline” forcing him to make choices.

“I have to try to change jobs. I don’t have a choice.

Since Wednesday, he has already sent 3 resumes to new companies.

Carpooling as a solution?

For Jérôme, the solution is to get closer to his workplace. But others decide to carpool to cut costs.

Bastien Sibille, the chairman of Mobicoop, the second carpool site in France, guest of Apolline Matin, this week on RMC, has seen the number of registrations for two weeks on his site triple. To explain, he makes a calculation that may seem obvious, yet is fair:

“The best way to reduce travel costs is to share your vehicle. When you let someone in your vehicle, you reduce the price of a liter of fuel by two”

Carpooling is also possible in remote areas. Solidarity mobility aids, where the driver “consents to be diverted”. “We know that in sparsely populated rural areas there is not enough supply and demand to find exactly the right shoe”, explains the boss of Mobicoop to justify this idea.

Technical solutions to lower the price of your car

Another solution to lower the fuel price is to change the type of fuel in your car. If the upfront investment is large enough, the fuel price can become much more reasonable again. Are there technical solutions to make my car cheaper?

First solution: bioethanol. All you need to do is buy a box to place on your vehicle. The operation costs between 700 and 1,100 euros, depending on the complexity of the car. The liter of bioethanol is currently at 80 euro cents. A figure that you are currently dreaming of.

There is also the possibility to adapt your vehicle to LPG, liquefied petroleum gas. “The installation costs more, about 2,000 euros. In addition to the gas tank, we also put a tank of LPG. Then you suddenly have two tanks,” explains Nicolas Bernard, editor-in-chief of AUTO magazine MORE.

These two options only work for petrol cars, but not for diesel.

Finally, last option, buy an electric car. The investment is much larger, but it haunts the minds of the French. On the Leboncoin site, searches for this type of vehicle alone have increased by 11% since early March.

Azaïs Perronin (with MM)