“Huge recognition” for Natalie Thomas-Gui

After a year of hard work, the sports center of the sports field was inaugurated. He will go by the name Natalie Thoumas-Gui. Recognition for this dedicated athlete from an early age to her training club.

After a year of work, the new sports center is now operational, on the border of the Armandie and Rabal areas and the football facilities of SUA. The first athletes will take possession of it this Tuesday after the completion of the last works. “We are in the final phase”, underlined Jean-Baptiste Chipy, director of the sports department of the municipality of Agen.
In any case, Mayor Jean Dionis made no secret of his pride “in the work done” last Wednesday as he explored this new infrastructure (which takes over from the old changing rooms that were then located next to the Ferrasse grandstand). And above all of a commitment entered into towards the Agenaisen and the Agenais. “It is important to respect it,” he said at the end of the visit, where all participants were able to appreciate the functional side of this brand new module. The first bet in any case of a “security and modernization” of the plain of the sport. The culmination of a long work of three years. The first final in the broader context of the Armandie project.

Many club presidents such as Michel Sanz, president of the SUA omnisports, or even Jean-Louis Carnir, president of the ABC, were also in line to discover the new infrastructure of the sports field.

The first magistrate also welcomed this achievement, “in response to the challenges of sport for all”.
In any case, the sports center represents an investment of 2.4 million euros, including “1.3 million euros for the city of Agen alone”.
In any case, it will be a special piece of equipment with an area of ​​1,200 m2 for the SUARugby association and all surrounding sports clubs (such as athletics, Basque pelota, tennis or even triathlon). Both students and individuals will benefit from this equipment. “It is a municipal wish to allow everyone to exercise with it between 12 noon and 2 p.m.,” explains the sports director.

An honored Agenaise

The municipality has chosen to launch a citizen consultation by proposing sports personalities who have marked the city of Agen. And by a very large majority, the name of Natalie Thoumas-Gui was chosen. A choice that the mayor applauds. In her wake, Natalie Thoumas-Gui, almost ashamed, dropped: “It’s a huge acknowledgment”. The former athlete expressed “her pleasure and her honor” at this inauguration today, in the presence of her parents.
His friends also unfurled a banner praising “their pride in his exploits and volunteerism.” That’s all Natalie who never counted her hours in the service of this SUA athletic club. She brought this recognition to the firmament with ten years spent under the tricolor tunic. Natalie also has 25 rosters, including one for the 1987 World Championships in Athletics in Rome. She was a semifinalist in the double round. At the 1983 Mediterranean Games in Morocco, his perseverance and determination were rewarded with a gold medal.
An appellation that will inspire all these young athletes. Sacrifice, dedication and determination could be the motto of this cluster “Natalie Thoumas-Gui”. In any case, she is the perfect ambassador…

The SUA Athletics graduates made a banner to express their pride that their friend was honored at the inauguration.

The SUA Athletics graduates made a banner to express their pride that their friend was honored at the inauguration.

A complete pole

On an area of ​​1,200 m2, the sports center “Natalie Thoumas-Gui” allows associations to benefit from “better quality sports areas and medical monitoring”.
Six changing rooms are available for students and associations on the ground floor. They have an area of ​​almost 40 m2 with a dressing room and a shower room. There is a changing room reserved for educators. There are two changing rooms for the referees. For match days, a room has been set up for medical personnel, doping controls and the various representatives.
On the first floor, the associations will benefit from a fitness and bodybuilding area “with equipment from the SUA and the city of Agen”. “This space can be extended to the outdoor terrace in fine weather,” explains Jean-Baptiste Chipy during the inaugural visit.
A meeting room with a capacity of 130 m2, which can accommodate more than 100 people, will be available to the clubs for their meetings. An ideal place also for “moments of conviviality”.
Finally, storage solutions and a state-of-the-art medical space complete the composition of this division.