Human Padel Open: “Padel really is the sport of tomorrow!” Toulouse is preparing to welcome the world elite in the discipline

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The stronghold of padel in France, Toulouse will host from June 13 to 19 the Human Padel Open, a stage of the World Padel Tour, the world elite of the discipline. In Colomiers, in the 4Padel building, we are delighted with the arrival of this major event.

“It’s a fun sport, accessible to everyone. Unlike squash or tennis, which requires a little practice to start having fun. With padel, you can come here without ever touching a racket and have fun right away. The physical requirement is lower and the average age is much higher than the other sports we can practice, so it is really, I think, the sport of tomorrow”, underlines Jonathan de Almeida, one of the three managers of 4Padel in Colomiers.

Padel is a real mix between all racket sports and Basque pelota. It came about by accident, in Mexico, when Enrique Corcuera decided to close his personal tennis court so that he no longer had to pick up the balls.

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The Mexican changes a few lines and uses a wooden racket. His friend, Alfonso de Hohenlohe, a Spanish prince, then visited him and discovered this practice. On his return to Spain, he had similar courts built in Marbella. From there, padel went on to conquer the Latin countries and became one of the main sports on the other side of the Pyrenees. Benefiting from its proximity to Spain, Toulouse is becoming the gateway to padel in France.

For many of his followers, padel quickly becomes a drug, the fun and friendly aspect that allows everyone, even the uninitiated, to have fun: “We started out of curiosity with friends, we saw videos on social networks. We try to improve by improving playing against the best players and it’s a bit of an endless chain. It’s a fun sport, you don’t have to have a big base to have fun,” said Alban, 2,500th Frenchman and 4Padel customer.

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The Human Padel Open: a great first in France

In the columérine complex, we understand that the field is no longer in its infancy. The eight indoor courts are occupied, everywhere you can hear the balls hitting the glass walls or the wooden rackets. The exchanges are interrupted by the announcement of points, always with a smile on their face.

The profiles are very different, from the quartet of visibly sporty players, football shirts screwed to their backs, or from the dozen uninitiated who begin an “ascent” accompanied by one of the coaches. At the end of the afternoon, the hall is full, a habit of Jonathan de Almeida’s complex. “There are many personalities who play padel, especially former athletes. For example, Zidane opened a room. Here there is also the Stade Toulousain, the two best French players are licensed in the tennis area of ​​the Stade, Bastien Blanqué for men and Charlotte Soubrié for women,” emphasizes the manager.

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The Pink City has become a stronghold of padel in France and has been chosen to host the Human Padel Open from June 13 to 19, one of the stages of the World Padel Tour, the world elite of the discipline.

The 4Padel complex will host part of the women’s draw, a source of pride for Jonathan: “I really thank Robin Haziza, the global management of T&T for trusting us to organize the qualifying stages of the HPO with us, the is a great showcase for this sport, to show that we can host world events here in Toulouse and in France. I am already sure that it will be a success for this sport. We have part of the women’s draw that is in us complex. We can install 400 people here in the stands. Entry to the club is completely free from Thursday to Sunday, so anyone who wants to discover padel can see top athletes here, including the number 2 in the world.”

Padel: instructions for use

Played in doubles, men’s, women’s or mixed. The racket is full and thick. The ball is a tennis ball with a slightly lower pressure. Points are counted as in tennis and the match is played in two winning sets consisting of six matches. In the event of a tie, a ten point tiebreak will be played. The service is done with a spoon. The point is lost if the ball bounces twice in its court. All surfaces are playable. The ball may be played out of bounds if it has bounced only once. Once the ball is in play, all balls passing through the net must bounce on the ground of the opponent’s side before hitting a wall.

Human Padel Open: practical information

International men’s and women’s tournament of the Circuit World Padel Tour.


June 13 and 14: qualifying stages at 4Padel Toulouse-Colomiers

June 15 to 19: main draw at the Palais des Sports André Brouat

Matches from 9.30am to night session (10pm to 10.30pm)


  • 120 World Elite players
  • The Top 10 men and women of the World Padel Tour ranking


  • 3,000 spectators a day expected
  • Tickets on sale at
  • VIP hospitality offer available