“I am one of the veterans in this so young sport”

During the Cupra Padel-Point Tour Saint-Etienne, meet Simon Boissé (currently 18th French player) and director of technical development at PadelShot Saint-Etienne answer our questions.

“The natural love at first sight took place”

Padel Magazine: Simon, can you introduce yourself to our readers, for those who don’t know you? When did you discover padel?

Simon Boisse “I started playing padel in 2013. I am from Laval, where the first indoor construction in France was built. It was a bit by accident that I discovered padel. I had a friend who had played a bit in Spain and I started with him. Like everyone else, we got completely into the game and as soon as competition started in 2015 with the first French championship, we clicked a bit. I came from the tennis world, I was 1/6 and had been teaching tennis for 15 years. And the little natural love at first sight took place. It is a sport in full evolution, with what we now know about the development of padel and what is happening to us, it is great. I’m a little old in this sport, so young. †

“It’s hard to do both today”

Padel Magazine: You have experienced ups and downs during your playing career, but can we speak of a recovery phase for you at this point or not?

Simon Boisse“I am 38 years old, I started this sport in l’30 years by being self-taught. I’ve never taken a padelle class before and I’ve made myself a bit alone with my training friends in Laval and now in Saint-Etienne. It is reaching its limits because the level in France is now changing enormously. I put a lot of emphasis on my professional side, I am a man who is very passionate about what I do on a daily basis in my structure for PadelShot or even in padel training in general. I’m trying to stay competitive at least, but today it’s hard to do both, knowing you have to move a lot.

I’m not in my best padel, it’s coming back, it’s a bit cyclical. I did a lot of tournaments for 4-5 years and now physical fitness should be an important part of my daily life and it is not. Nowadays it is no longer enough to stick to your achievements, I am aware of that. But after that I’m very happy, I was 4th French player a year and a half ago, I couldn’t be better.

Now we have to find other targets, the France Senior Plus team was exciting with my friends in Las Vegas. Well, I coached more than I played, but it was a great experience.

I’m not in recapture, but I’ll be back soon with modified objectives. †

“The One Point Championship did well”

Simon was also asked for his opinion on the Cupra Padel-Point Tour, its format and concept. Here’s his response:

“These are competitions with P500s, P100s, but still with great prizes. We try to add a little friendliness to it with the one point championship tournament, which worked well, it was quite fun. The small animations with the children too etc.. the development will start with the youngsters! Any event where young people can come and discover is always good for us as a structure and for the development of padel in general. †

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Passionate about football, I discovered padel in 2019. Since then I have been crazy about this sport and have given up my favorite sport.