In Limoges, BMX is even practiced at university

“We don’t kick bumps, we bend our legs,” the Firmin-Roz college sports teacher tells his 5th graders.

thirty children, all equipped with long sleeves, pants, gloves, helmet and bicycle† Equipment made available to all teenagers.

“I love BMX, especially on this track, with the bumps, it’s great. We are not afraid to fall, we are protected,” admit Paul and his comrades one by one just before the start.

Two club coaches to supervise

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Organized on Tuesdays and Fridays for two classes of the 5th grade in Beaubreuil, these sessions are supervised by teachers from the Limoges BMX club, in addition to teachers.

They learn to control their bicycle, to brake and to follow instructions.

“The goal is to help them make progress, in complete safety. They learn to control their bicycle, to brake and to follow instructions. The youngsters only cover part of the course, with the easiest bumps”, explains Michel Lansade, the president of the club of Limougeaud, which is today labeled by the cycling federation.

A track that is accessible to everyone

As for the College of Beaubreuil, this BMX track is open to all schools in Limogesto offer extraordinary sports lessons.

It is a tripartite organization between the City, the club and the academy inspectorate. Institutions should be voluntary as this also requires some organization, especially for student transportation, but this will make others want to come.

Sylvie Rosette (Deputy Mayor of Limoges)

The club Limougeaud also wants to open a BMX sports class in collaboration with a school.

This sport aims to anchor itself in the region thanks to this labeled course in Limoges.

The city will host the French BMX Cup in 2023.

Frank Jacquet

[email protected]