In Petit-Caux, Synergy sport, it’s over

The association of Petit-Caux (Seine-Maritime) has been overtaken by the health crisis. (© Dieppe Information)

The association, founded in 2001, sports synergy will have seen the evolution of society and in particular the creation of the sports complex of Belleville sur Mer (Seine Maritime) in 2012 using the Petit-Caux infrastructure.

Synergy Sport, however, suffered most from the health crisis for the past two years. So much so that she was unable to recover and now has to file for bankruptcy.

As President Renaud Labrosse explains: “Since the end of 2021, we have seen a decline in activity, mainly due to the Covid-related shutdown and lockdowns. †

During the partial acquisition in September 2021, Synergie saw its sport number of members is decreasing strong. “We found that some members were not renewing their subscription or going elsewhere. Others did not dare to come back because of the Covid,” the president continues.

Despite about 200 members, the association is no longer able to cover the wage costs.

Four employees laid off

Synergie Sport employs four part-time people: two CDIs at the front desk – one at 4 p.m. and another at 10 p.m. – who will be fired and two CDDs as sports coaches who will be in breach of contract.

For its president, Renaud Labrosse, the priority is above all “closing the association with head held high by putting the employees first”.

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The two sports coaches also work with a fixed-term contract for other structures, but the reception employee with a permanent contract at 10 p.m. only had this job.

“We are doing everything we can to help him find a new job. His reception colleague, who had a contract of 16 hours a week, also has another job in Dieppe,” emphasizes Renaud Labrosse.


With a heavy heart and disappointment, the president closes the doors of the sports complex on March 31: “I try to keep smiling in the face of the members who have nothing to do with it, but we had an accumulation of bad luck. »

After all, in addition to the health crisis, the association also had to be liable for VAT.

VAT to pay

“Taxes believe that although we are a non-profit organization, we employ staff, so we have to refund the VAT. In addition, the land contribution to companies is added. All of these costs, plus the pandemic that has caught up with us, means we will have to go out of business on March 31st. In addition, we were not able to organize the usual cultural events that helped us financially”

Renaud Labrossethe president of Synergy Sport

Despite an interview with Petit-Caux, the new municipality was unable to find a solution to revive the association.

Ends March 31

With bitterness and great regret, Renaud Labrosse points out: “Synergiesport is above all a 100% voluntary association. No one on the Board of Directors receives any compensation. There is no privilege, we all pay our dues and our activities like any other member. Our satisfaction was to see people playing sports and enjoying this beautiful infrastructure. †

From now on, on March 31, the weight, dance and squash rooms will be closed, as Petit-Caux has not yet decided on their future.

Nevertheless, the sports complex will continue to house the independent sports clubs it has such as handball, basketball, karate, MMA (mixed martial arts), judo.

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