In Strasbourg, the largest VR gameroom in the Grand-Est accelerates on E-sport

EVA is a new generation of E-Sport space dedicated to VR (virtual reality). Inaugurated last summer near Illkirch (we tested it for you in a previous article), it’s the largest room in the Grand Est specializing in this sport, combining video games and laser tag. Gun in hand, we evolve into a larger-than-life video game created by the VR goggles we wear. Once on the nose, we are no longer in Strasbourg, but in an arena, ready for battle. Welcome to a virtual world where the laser game looks like a knitting game. We tell you about this gem of technology, our experience and the nice new features that have just arrived.

Eve is a complex dedicated to virtual leisure at the gates of Strasbourg, but it is much more than that. In a huge space with a bar and snack area, comfortable sofas, 4 VR consoles, but also a foosball and a pool table, we meet friends or colleagues to chill, but above all to confront each other.

In a 450 m² arena, teams of 2 to 8 players move on foot with their weapons and compete against their friends in a competition like the famous video games Call Of Duty or Halo. Evolving in a space without obstacles (the famous arena), no more buttocks screwed into the couch: here we move our butt and it is our virtual reality helmet that turns us into soldiers 2.0. We go completely into a video game and we have to save our skin, even if we are overwhelmed by all the emotions we can imagine. It actually looks something like this…

News, improvements and advanced technology, EVA surprises us again

Last year, just before the opening, we introduced EVA to you exclusively and shared the first impressions with you. Adrenaline, heart pounding tens of thousands, minor heat stroke: augmented reality is pushed to its limits here, and the level of technology is simply astounding. Whether you’re used to video games or not, you’ll have your weapon in your hand in seconds and our brains and eyes get used to it with the snap of a finger.

As you can see, our last visit blew us away, and when we heard that the teams were offering big new features and improvements, we didn’t hesitate for two seconds. Now, in addition to zombie mode, the team offers no less than 7 cards in the domination mode and 2 cards in the free-for-all mode (there were only three cards in total on our last visit).

But that is not everything : besides having two new weapons in the game (a hand-to-hand pistol and a sniper), any player can now create an account on their phone and manage their stats and achievements across the games. You can earn XP, track your progress and that of your friends, know and save your score, know the number of kilometers traveled by foot and you can even improve your skins and your character. Over the course of our games, our stats evolve and we can follow their evolution, perfect to progress and get a little more into the game and the competition.

To finishthe gun has also evolved, it is now lighter and more manageable, the microphone is also more efficient and we even have a little cloth mask that sponges our shiny little forehead. Needless to repeat, we loved it the first time and with these improvements we are on an even higher level.

The little ones and the big ones +

  • With the code Pokaa10 you get a 10% discount on your next game (valid until the end of May)
  • We are in a real recreation room with all the equipment we need to spend the day (baby, billiards, POD room, TV to follow the games in progress in the player’s skin)
  • The catering part has evolved quite a bit and we can now send each other large pizzas before or after the games while watching our friends get knocked out in the arena.
  • The team is very professional and constantly available to guide players, give advice and support those who need it, even the youngest.
  • Prices start at 15 euros and discounted subscriptions are offered
  • Zombie mode is offered, you just need to KILL them ALL
  • Ability to stream sessions
  • It is possible to privatize the room for EVG/EVJF, CE, afterwork, end-of-year parties or teambuilding during or outside opening hours
  • School groups and companies are welcome (a variety of bowling)

Eva Strasbourg

21 Industrial Street
67400 Illkirch-Graffenstaden
Illkirch Campus Stop
Open Tuesday from 5pm to 11pm, Wednesday from 2pm to 11pm, Thursday and Friday from 5pm to 11pm, Saturday from 10:15am to 11:45pm and Sunday from 11am to 8:45pm.
The EVA website for booking
Facebook page

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