In Tulle, the sports festival joins forces with the Liga against Cancer

When sport is at the service of the fight against cancer. That is the philosophy of the sports weekend that awaits the Tullists on July 2 and 3 at the Auzelou site.
“Twenty years ago there was a sports festival in Tulle, recalls Michel Bouleau, director of the sports department of the city of Tulle. Then it was extended to the association festival at the beginning of September on Place Gambetta with some demonstrations, others more information… We finally decided that the demonstrations were better on the site of the Auzelou and that in July this allowed the parents to have time to have a sports activity instead of in September, when the clubs have already resumed. So in September there is an association forum on Saturday morning and at the beginning of July we create this sports festival. †

About twenty clubs will be present

On Saturday and Sunday, between 20 and 25 tullist sports clubs will therefore invest in the Auzelou to show the public their activities, answer questions… For example, table tennis will be present on Saturday afternoon, the baby gym on Saturday morning, the fencing on Saturday all day … Please note that the clubs will not necessarily be present on both days.

A relay for 24 hours

For this first edition, the city wanted to join forces with the League against Cancer, which will offer its 9th edition of the Relay for Life on Saturday and Sunday on the same site of Auzelou, starting at 3 p.m. Sunday 3 o’clock. “It is an intergenerational meeting around the fight against cancer, recalls Jean-Louis Jayat, president of the League Against Cancer in Corrèze. People can form teams of 4 to 30 people to walk or run in a relay for 24 hours, under the sponsorship of Erick Belhomme, the French M5 100 km champion. The more members there are in the team, the easier it is… Even if it’s not a competition. “Four highlights will mark these 24 hours, starting with the opening ceremony and then the “survivors” honors lap, “all people in treatment, in remission or cured of cancer,” the president explains. Saturday at nightfall, the candles that participants can buy on the spot are placed for a moment of meditation and the following day at 3 pm the closing ceremony takes place. During these 24 hours, concerts will animate the relay.

The hospital of Tulle (Corrèze) acquires a new mammograph working with artificial intelligence

Donations to fund aftercare

During the two days, the proceeds (the full commitment of the torchbearers is 5 euros per person) and the donations that can be made on site, will be donated to the League Against Cancer to fund local supportive care. “These are wellness treatments to feel better during treatments, they can be socio-aesthetic treatments…” adds Jean-Louis Jayat.

Sports festival. The stands will be set up on 2 and 3 July from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The stands will be set up on 2 and 3 July from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday at 2 pm: departure of the 40 or 80 km bike ride; From 2 pm to 3 pm, Orange Bleue and Elancia will raise public awareness about the use of self-service fitness equipment. Sunday, from 9.00 am, start of the trail (9 or 15 km), mountain biking (15 or 30 km) and hiking (12 km).

Relay for life. From Saturday 3 p.m. to Sunday 3 p.m. The ceremony of the lights takes place on Saturday at nightfall. The candles are sold locally for 3 euros per candle or 5 euros for both and buyers can write a note on them.

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Estelle Bardelot