Intensive sport: join CrossFit

CrossFit is a sports discipline that connects gymnastics, athletics, weightlifting and fitness. This sport allows the athlete to take advantage of all the advantages inherent in all the sporting activities it includes. Endurance, agility, balance, building muscle mass, these are all things you can benefit from by doing CrossFit. Check out these exercises here to be versatile and improve your athletic skills.

The Best CrossFit Exercises

Whatever your level (beginner, intermediate or confirmed) in any other sport activity, by choosing CrossFit you will have to group a series of activities cardio, gymnastics and weightlifting exercises† This combination of exercises is usually referred to as a “WOD” (Workout of the Day). Whether at the gym or at home, CrossFit programs allow any practitioner to improve their performance. Here’s how to try exercises like:

  • skipping rope, rowing machine, jumping jacks, knee raises or running, for cardio;
  • the clean and jerk, the deadlift, the kettlebell swing, or the crunch, for weightlifting;
  • and pull-ups, air squats, rope climbs, pull-up bar exercises, muscle-ups, rings and push-ups, for gymnastics.

These CrossFit exercises are extremely effective and allow you to:optimize your athletic qualities† Cardio exercises improve your cardiovascular endurance. In gymnastics, the exercises are generally performed with the aim of training your muscles. The movements in weightlifting, which for the most part are performed with the help of loads, are performed to increase the muscle mass of the athlete. However, if you follow a professional CrossFit coach, you can: vary your exercises and achieve your goals.

Progress in CrossFit Practice

As in other sports disciplines, to progress in CrossFit follow a regular exercise program† If you’re new to CrossFit, it’s best to train at least 3 times a week. For example Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Other days and weekends are for rest. Insiders can opt for 5 days of training per week with two days of rest and recovery. Have a routine that you respect and take a breakyou can make rapid progress.

For optimal performance, each training session should respect the usual stages of progress: the Warm-up, Skill and WOD

The warm-up phase consists of performing warm-up exercises to prepare the muscles for the exercises to be performed. The skill phase, on the other hand, improves the technique to be used to execute the moves. In this phase you learn to detail a movement. The last phase, that of the WOD, concerns the actual training of the day. You will have to perform a series of exercises in a short period of time. These should be varied and performed as quickly as possible (For Time) or repeated several times (AMRAP, As Many Repetitions As Possible). Rest assured, these terms are part of CrossFit slang.

Finally, to make progress in CrossFit, it is not enough to perform exercises with the correct frequency, it is also necessary choose good nutrition† In CrossFit, calorie consumption is an important factor. It is therefore necessary to eat a healthy and balanced diet for a better absorption of nutrients.