invasion of the pitch, shower of champagne, message for Riolo… The crazy parties after the rise in Ligue 1

Toulouse defeated Niort on Monday in the 35th match day of Ligue 2 (2-0) and is guaranteed to return to the first division next season. Players and supporters celebrated this return to the top with dignity, in a stadium in fusion.

Just under a year ago, Damien Comolli was furious after a possible referee foul against Toulouse during the L1/L2 play-offs. This Monday, the president of Toulouse is laughing. This time it’s time, Téfécé finds Ligue 1 after two years of waiting.

After another success against Niort (2-0) on the 35th day, Téfécé secured promotion to the elite. With 11 points ahead of Auxerre, third with 65 points, Toulouse can no longer be denied a return to Ligue 1.

Land invasion despite announcements

Several times on social networks this Monday and during the game against Niort, Toulouse had asked his fans not to invade the field to avoid sanctions from the LFP. But the Pitchounes supporters did not listen to their leaders. From the final whistle, hundreds of people poured onto the stadium’s lawn for a wonderful moment of community with their team. Given the enthusiasm and good atmosphere of the evening, the leaders of Toulouse will certainly not blame their followers too much.

“Yes (it’s a special moment). Especially when you see all the supporters out there and who have supported us all season, Toulouse captain Brecht Dejaegere responded to beIN Sports. It’s good to be able to give them something.” […] We could always go one step higher and that paid off in the end. I’ve had good moments in my career and this is a new one. We will do everything we can to be ready for Ligue 1.”

“Special” Ligue 1… and Riolo T-shirts

As for the players of Toulouse, before celebrating with their audience, we thought to put on T-shirts for the return to Ligue 1. But instead of doing the classic, the Ville Rose club innovated with funny slogans and assumed some of the habits of the elite. After a brief VAR message in which the players are used to “celebrating a goal three minutes later”, the Toulousans are determined to “disagree with D.Riolo” or make “the front page of the team”.

So many small sentences that say a lot about the wonderful atmosphere that prevails in this club and in Philippe Montanier’s group. The 57-year-old coach also enjoyed this entry into the elite.

“I was afraid of this Niort team, but here we can speak of a party. We had a fantastic season and we still played a great game against a good team. I’m happy to see my president like this, I hadn’t never seen him like that (all happy with the promotion, editor’s note), the Violets coach exulted. […] In addition to success, it is a human adventure with players, staff, management and a chairman. There has always been a great unity. I have a fantastic group of players.”

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Special Ligue 1 and Daniel Riolo t-shirts in Toulouse, April 25, 2022
Special Ligue 1 and Daniel Riolo t-shirts in Toulouse, April 25, 2022 © DR beIN Sports

The evening then continued in the dressing room where the Toulouse players celebrated lavishly with bottles of champagne. A few minutes in private (but under the eye of the cameras), in the intimacy of the group, before taking charge of the presidential platform.

Faced with the thousands of supporters still present in the center of the pitch, the players chanted several battle cries that were repeated by the crowd. Beautiful jubilant moments between fans and football players. This time it’s time, Toulouse is back in Ligue 1. Next goal: the title in Ligue 2.

Jean Guy Lebreton RMC Sports journalist