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Discover the comprehensive recap of Tomorrow Belongs to Us in advance season 5 of episode 1145 broadcast on Friday March 18, 2022 on TF1. Nathan knows Charlie’s secret. Damien finds evidence linking Irene to Norwegian strangulation. Etienne has found a new job. Charlie and François, here we go again!

The full DNA soap recap from the 03-18-2022 episode with spoilers #TomorrowWeBelong in preview, everything you need to know.

Georges has decided to help Mona get her baccalaureate / Screen capture

Find the full summary of Tomorrow is our episode 1145 broadcast on TF1 on Friday March 18, 2022 (see the summaries ahead of Tomorrow is ours ): the summary of the previous episode Tomorrow is ours from 17-03-2022 is online.

Noor is interrogated by the police after her attack. She tells Martin and Aurore that Irène came to see her (she didn’t threaten him, but she scared him) as did Lilian (who, on the other hand, threatened him).

Georges comes to visit Mona, he tells her that he doesn’t see her much because he has a lot of work. Mona thinks it’s because Vanessa is too possessive.
Georges saw Mona’s grades, which are average (she has an overall average of 8)…he thinks she won’t make the baccalaureate. Georges made an appointment with the director to view his work.

Etienne announces that he has found a job, he has to organize a sea trip for a hotel for 2 to 3 weeks in La Grande Motte. Bénédicte and Dorian do not want to, because they will have to find a new place to sleep. Bénédicte wants Etienne to find a job on dry land.

Cedric tomorrow is ours

Cédric still next to Noor / DNA pre-episode 1145 of Friday 18-03-2022 / Screen capture

Martin takes a DNA sample from Irène. Aurore asks Marianne about the list of persons on duty. One patient, Mr. Dumoret Michel, says he saw a man snooping around while walking the corridors around 11pm/midnight (when she shows the photo, it matches Lilian).

Irene tomorrow is ours

Irene tells Cédric she’s not violent / Screen capture

Charlie is late for François’ class, making no effort on purpose. Charlie says in class that she has been having trouble sleeping since her boyfriend dumped her.

Lilian is summoned by the police. He says he hates Noor, but he didn’t want to strangle him. Lilian is incarcerated for attempted murder of Noor.

Charlie and François exchange text messages remotely in the playground. Nathan wants to help her because he sees Charlie who is bad… but she asks him to leave him alone. Charlie confides in Nathan a little… and she reveals to him the name of her ex-lover. Nathan comforts his friend.

Nathan and Charlie Morgen is ours

Nathan is there to comfort Charlie / Screenshot

Chloé tells Mona (opposite Georges) that she needs a little more discipline, motivation and more personal work to get the baccalaureate. Georges is ready to hire a private tutor to help Mona with the revisions. Dorian overhears the conversation and suggests that Etienne, his father, teach him. Etienne was a French teacher. Mona insists she doesn’t need tutoring… Georges asks her to make an effort. Mona leaves the table.

Tomorrow belongs to us in advance episode 1145 of March 18, 2022: Charlie regains the heart of François

Charlie gives François his last possessions…because it’s too hard, she still loves him. François tells her that he still has feelings, but that it is too risky.

François Morgen is ours

François falls for Charlie / Screenshot

Charlie asks François “if you love me, prove it”, they kiss in the street.

Aurora Tomorrow is ours

Police now have evidence that Irene is the perpetrator / Screenshot

Damien took the gloves out of the hospital bins to see if they could find any prints (Norwegian attacker was wearing his gloves). Damien finds a wedding ring in a glove. They realize with a photo that this ring belongs to Irene. She was the one who wanted to kill Noor.

Damien tells Aurore that he is still mad at Audrey for all these lies.

To be continued the summary Tomorrow is ours episode 1146 Monday, March 21, 2022.

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