“It is a return to freedom, to joy, to life”… Our readers rejoice at the end of the mask and the pass

Dance of joy and tears of emotion to sign the end of life under a bell during the Covid-19 period? Monday morning, parents can drop off their children at school without a mask and discover the smile of the teacher, the cashier, the waitress… Indeed, this March 14 is the lifting of a very large part of the latest restrictions , in particular the end of the vaccination pass and the inner mask. Only in metropolitan France. An important detail that Stéphane, 50, reminded us of, one of the many Internet users who answered our call for testimonials.

“Unfortunately, nothing changes for me on Monday… Two years of hardship who knows how long will last,” said this resident of Reunion. Where the curfew and other measures to contain the epidemic have been lifted since the end of February. But where it will probably be necessary to wait until April to turn the page on restrictions. Just like in the other overseas territories.

“Not in their own bubble anymore, it was time! †

But in mainland France, therefore, this Monday will rise under the sign of liberation. “So happy to see other people’s faces!, rejoices in advance Angélique, 29 years old. No more depression, communication will be needed again, no more each in his bubble, it was time! †

For the occasion, Delphine, a 30-year-old dance teacher, thinks of a moment to sign the end of this parenthesis. “Can’t wait to see everyone’s smile and feel the collective excitement and relief! Maybe I’ll suggest to my students that we launch all our masks together… Small symbolic moment to refine next week. We will all still need to remain vigilant, but already I want to thank everyone for the collective efforts that have led to where we are today! †

A lifting of restrictions that boosts the morale of many of our internet users. “I am delighted with this change which I hope will mark the end of this epidemic is touched Myriam, 58 years old. His abandonment is a return to freedom, to joy, to life. I can’t wait to see my colleagues’ faces, kiss my friends, shake hands…”

“For me the restaurants, the cinema, the happiness of traveling without a vaccine and without a pass”

For some, it is mainly the end of the pass that generates true happiness. In particular, the few million French people who have not – or partially – been vaccinated. Like Aline, 28, who exclaims: “Finally the day of freedom! I made the choice not to vaccinate myself and eventually we will be able to get out of “prison”. Resume my physical activity, go back to the restaurant, resume the course of life normally! Morality really needs it! » « For me the restaurants, the cinema, the happiness of traveling without a vaccine and without a pass. Long live freedom! Sanitary measures have stolen two years of my life,” laments Rosa, 81.

And it’s not just the unvaccinated who are enjoying the end of the pass. “Finally the end of this exclusion, of this discrimination against people because they are not or not fully vaccinated, Johanna, 28 years old, blows. These measures were a disgrace in a country that calls itself “land of equality”. To have had to deny people access to a cultural place because of this pass, I can say that it is very frustrating. This removal has an interest in remaining permanent. †

Tom, 18, is attracted to the restaurant for this Monday like no other. “I’m going back for the first time in almost six months. I hadn’t gone there again, not because of the lack of a health pass, but because I couldn’t enjoy myself as before with a mask. You couldn’t see people’s smiles anymore and that really bothered me. “Some of the restaurateurs will also be happy that they don’t have to check the pass and that they have to wear a mask when preparing the menu… But Myriam, 53, who works in the catering industry, nuances: “It makes me not completely reassured. I will keep the mask even if people laugh at me. †

“We have to get out of this paranoid and harmful climate at all costs”

It is precisely the divergence of views on the mask that causes more than one concern. “Knowing that not everyone will remove it, I fear there will be tensions between people who want to keep it and those who will remove it, Raoul, 21, is concerned. Since the beginning of Covid-19, people are constantly judging each other on different topics such as barrier gestures, vaccination, masks… We have to get out of this paranoid and harmful climate at all costs. Personally, I never want to put the mask on again, but I won’t judge people who want to keep wearing it. “A benevolence that can reassure Vanessa, 37, who won’t be able to give up the mask anytime soon. “I’m quite concerned because I’ve already had the right to aggressive comments and behavior because I was wearing a mask. My parents are old and have health problems, I take care of them daily, I can wear my mask freely. And stop saying it’s unbearable, it’s a piece of cloth, there’s much worse in life! †

And if many hope to throw or get rid of their mask for good, many of them explain that they have acquired reflexes that will keep them even after March 14. “For the first time in my long life I had no bronchitis. Like what precautions, even anti-freedom, are helpful. I’ll keep it, like any good Japanese I’m not,” Gérard jokes. Karl, 32, hopes the disappearance of the mask will also have an impact on people’s minds. “If you don’t see it everywhere, people will forget about Covid-19. I think the crisis will have revealed what is most pathetic in people, between the conspirators who consider themselves doctors of medicine and the cowards with their masks to ride their bicycles.

Finally, some internet users admit that the party was ruined by the war in Ukraine. “When they announced the end of the mask, I almost cried… with joy! It would have been even more festive if there hadn’t been that other concern in the East…” Which Roger, 81, sums up in a scathing sentence: “Finally liberated before I donned the anti-nuclear suit”.