“It’s cruel, but it’s sport”

Credited with 50 points, beaten only twice this season, unbeaten since November 20, ASPTT Caen has had a full season. But despite his second place and a better balance than ES du Mont Gaillard (45 points, 13 V, 7 N, 4 D), 2e of Group B, will not reach National 3.

The fault with this complicated arrangement, which indicates the best second according to “the number of points obtained in the home and away games in each group between the team concerned and the other five best-ranked teams, including the team that is granted direct entry (excluding reserve teams that do not have access to the National 3). »

With 14 points, ASPTT Caen would have moved up to N3 if Pacy-Ménilles had remained second in Group B (13 points). This was still the case at the final whistle of Caennais’ match against Ducey-Isigny (0-6). But in Haute-Normandie, Pacy scored a second goal in stoppage time against Oissel (2-1) and ES du Mont Gaillard won on the grass field of FC Rouen (1-2).

Laurent Dufour looks back on those minutes that changed everything.

Laurent, when did you hear you weren’t going to National 3?

It was weird. All matches were to start at 3 pm and yet we had to wait at least ten minutes for the results of the other matches. We felt like we weren’t in the same time zone. At the end of our match (ASPTT Caen clearly dominated Ducey-Isigny 0-6), we are in National 3. For 9 minutes 50 we are in N3 and when we return to the locker room I hear that Mont Gaillard scored. The result is cruel, but that’s sport.

How did you feel at that moment?

Of course there is disappointment. If you win 6-0, you are unbeaten since November 20 (1-0 loss to Flers) and you have a very good season, then you want to be rewarded. Ultimately, you fail at a point of settlement. It’s frustrating, but that’s the sport. It will be part of the memories. It will be a bad memory, but somewhere we exercise to experience such moments. It’s disappointing compared to the work done, the investment of my players. But I don’t forget that it is because we live such moments that we enjoy the good times. You have to be a good player.

Do you regret this settlement?

The rules are known. We can always be disappointed because this regulation is against us, but within a minute we would not have talked about it. A play-off would undoubtedly have been fairer, but there are rules and we are here to apply them. What hurts is that we’ve only played two full seasons in the last four years. And that both times, the interruptions of the last day were fatal for us and that Pacy is still in the game. The first we go from National 3 to Region 1 at 94e minute because Pacy wins at Malherbe. We’re not going there to the 96e because Pacy concedes a goal. Should we see a sign there?

Are you going to coach ASPTT Caen next season, with the ambition to get higher?

We will always have the ambition to do the best. For many, this weekend was the end of the adventure. I think of Clement Pannier. For him, who has given so much to the club, we would have liked to see it end well and that he would be rewarded. We will deal with all of that first. ASPTT Caen is a stronghold of regional football and we will do everything we can to ensure it continues to exist.

Football. Laurent Dufour, ASPTT Caen coach: “It’s cruel, but it’s sport”