“It’s not won for the strike!”

Fun part of fun. If bowling is a competitive sport, it is also a very friendly hobby. Atmosphere at the Metro Bowling in Lille where I did my test for You are great.

Contacted at the last minute due to a report cancellation, Metro bowling kindly opened its doors to me and offered me a test in the company of experienced players. Ryan Verschelden, 24, whose shot is recognizable by the long crescent-shaped curve formed from the start of the throw. also with us, Clément Lavigne, 14, the only Frenchman of his age to play in the Excellence category and who would soon have the opportunity to join the French U14 team. Or Sébastien Lafarge, 44, who averages just under 200 points per game and whose record is 299, one point less than the ideal score. And finally Didier Luchez, bowling teacher with the federation and official of the club Eclats de Lille, associated with the Metro bowling de Lille.

Didier first explains to me how to choose your ball. The weight between 6 and 16 American pounds (one American pound weighs 450 grams) should suit me, as well as the distance between the fingers. Make sure to insert your thumb, ring and middle fingers into the three holes provided.

As I pick my ball, which will be 12 pounds, a machine coats the track with oil. A thin layer that allows the ball to slide well. But there is a but! Please note: the track is not fully coated: the last few meters are dry to allow the ball to hang on the track. This is important, especially for those who have the effect. And that’s why we often see the effects on the left (for right-handers) at the end of the lane.

Didier assures me that the effects are not systematic, even if for players of a certain level they are always practiced on the first of two shots to facilitate the attack (10 pegs on the ground).

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Why and how to put the effect in his bowling ball?

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“With the spin, the ball takes an angle that facilitates the stroke, precisely because the ball arrives at an angle. the stroke”, says Sebastian.

On the other hand, when one wants to insure a blow, one is not obliged to exert the effect. And that suits me well, because for my first shot with effect, I shot into the channel on the right, from the first half of the runway. So before the game I decided to secure a few points for Didier and me against the formidable Ryan and Clément.

There are four classification categories: Promotion, Honor, Excellence, Elite. The first means we score less than 145 points on average. Honor 175 points, excellence 190 points, elite more than 190 points. In this game, Clément and Didier are in excellence, and Ryan and Sébastien are in Elite. The latter two have averaged 192.5 and 195 points per game over the last 50 games and 23 games respectively. Knowing that the ideal score is 300 is pretty good!)

Didier, who wanted to become an instructor, among other things, to supervise his son who had joined the national division, explains today that he loves this sport for its conviviality and competition. From time to time he follows the news in the US where there are professionals in the discipline. He tells me of a memory of the US: In 2019, the first World Junior Championships (-23 years old) brought together players from 31 countries in Creil – Saint-Maximin for the elimination stages and in Paris for the final stages. Four US and US national channels centrally covered the event live. was crazy!”

Other discoveries:
1. Do you know why people occasionally wipe their balls with a tissue?
2. Do you know why there is some kind of fan built into the machine that returns the balls?
Answer 1: Because after a few shots the ball will be covered with oil.
Answer 2: To dry the hand that pulls when it gets clammy

Namely, when you take a shot (10 pins knocked over from the first shot), you have to wait for the next two shots that add up to the 10 points. Example: If I strike and knock over 8 pins and then one, I score 19 points. If I make a spare (10 pins knocked over in two shots) we just reach the next shot to calculate the total. Practice on the score sheet below.

Finally, if you want to practice in Hauts-de-France, know that there are twenty-four clubs, all attached to a bowling alley on the territory. For practical information, continue by clicking the link here.