Jointly, an app rooted in amateur sports

Joinly is an application that allows amateur clubs to facilitate their organization. Interview with Jauffray Dunyach, CEO of Joinly.

How was Joinly born?

“Joinly has its roots in the sports community. Players, volunteers, leaders, Joinly founding team went through all layers of the sports association environment. Indeed, I was a leader in a sports club myself and after a difficult return to the sport, I found myself having to manage tons of registration files, checks and medical certificates. A real headache if you also have to manage the sporting activities of the association.

From there, a real reflection started on the simplification of associative management: today I have the possibility to buy my train ticket on the Internet, I can buy my jersey online, why can’t I just register and when I want it in my sports club? This is how the Joinly adventure started and the creation of a solution to simplify the life of associations. †

What can Jointly mean for an association?

“Joinly is a 100% digital management solution for all associations. It allows associations to register their members online and pay for memberships, sports courses, tournaments, fundraising, etc. Thus, our solution saves time in association management and eases the daily life of leaders and volunteers. Thanks to online payment, associations are guaranteed to collect money faster and they always keep cash up-to-date.

But at Joinly it’s not just about the functionalities, we are committed to supporting associations, their leaders and their volunteers on a daily basis with all kinds of issues. So we have a very reactive support team to facilitate the operation of our tool, tutorials to guide our users. We also have a blog, covering all topics related to associative management, where we offer advice and guides curated by our experts.

The aim of Joinly is to position itself as a supervisor for association leaders and volunteers. The Joinly team mobilizes daily to give club leaders all the keys to focus on their passion and their sporting project. †

Why this collaboration with Umbro?

“When Umbro presented us with this ‘Our Game Smells Grass’ project, this idea of ​​promoting amateur sport and authentic football immediately appealed to us. After two very complicated years for this sector, we thought the idea of ​​joining forces, which are sports equipment on the one hand, and association management on the other, to help amateur football clubs revive their practice . It is therefore without hesitation that we have joined this project.

With this partnership, Umbro and Joinly aim to support amateur football clubs in their development, starting with simplifying the management of their activities. We therefore offer all Umbro equipped football clubs the free subscription to our Performance offer to take advantage of all the functions of Joinly and to simplify all their administrative management as much as possible in order to focus on the essentials: the ground. For the tournament “Umbro Junior Cup by Football & Citizenship” it was important for us to show our dedication and attachment to this project. Watching potential future champions evolve on the pitch of the Reims stadium inevitably gives stars in their eyes. Joinly has therefore committed to offer its solution free of charge to tournament organizers in order to facilitate the online registration of U13 teams participating in the tournament. Less paper for an amateur football tournament dedicated to eco-responsibility! †