LA MINUTE SPORT Sports news for next Monday 9 May

This season, Nîmes Olympique has won more with the GN than without (Photo Anthony Maurin)

As every day from Monday to Friday, discover the essence of Gard sports news in a few pieces of information.

Olympic Nmes

More wins with LARPs. At a press conference in which he spoke last week, President Rani Assaf got carried away by throwing ” There has never been such a competitive team as since I joined the club.” The chairman-shareholder certainly wanted to talk about the past few years, because he forgets that the NO had 33 seasons at the highest level, three Coupe de France finals and three European appearances to his name before his arrival. But the NO strongman also said, about the crowds at the Costières stadium: “The stadium is not empty, today there are just as many people as in other difficult years. † But based on the numbers from recent years, we realize that this season is the worst in terms of attendance with an average of 1,853 spectators, while in the past 15 seasons, the worst average was 4,482 spectators for the 2011-12 financial year, while the Crocodiles were in National. But Rani Assaf has the answer: “All the songs you had before were fake. This year’s earnings are the highest in Ligue 2 since I became president of the club. I’m not happy with the crowds, but my goal is to bring back a family crowd. † We are reassured. As for the GN91s he is in conflict with, the president affirms: Look at the statistics, the games we won were when they weren’t there. † We have followed the advice of Rani Assaf and by consulting these statistics we realize that indeed with the GN91 in the East standings the Crocodiles are running by an average of one point (5 matches, 1 win, two draws and two losses) and without the GN results of 1.30 points/game (13 games, 5 wins, 2 draws and 6 losses). But if you take into account that the Gladiators attend all away games where the Nîmes have had 8 wins, the record for the season is 9 wins with the GN91s and 5 without the GN91s.

Anthony Briançon celebrated his tenure with a goal, the first of the season (Photo Anthony Maurin).

Briancon goalscorerAnthony Briançon will return to competition on April 22 (Nîmes – Rodez 3-2), after a year of unavailability due to a knee injury, Anthony Briançon is one of the men at the end of the season. Substituted during the game against Rodez and Nancy, the central defender was in the starting lineup against Toulouse on Saturday. At the end of the contract, to celebrate his first term in office this season, he scored the only Nîmes goal of the game (TFC – Nîmes 2-1). He hadn’t shaken the nets since January 4, 2020 and a Coupe de France match in Tours (2-2, Nîmes qualifying on penalties), and for a championship match, he had to go back to December 21, 2019 on the occasion of a Ligue 1 match lost to the Crocodiles 3-1 in Marseille.

Former FC Sète and Nîmes Olympique gathered for charity (Facebook photo)

A match for a good cause. The Nîmes Olympique Alumni Association played a friendly match and a charity match against the alumni of Sète football club on Saturday. Organized by the Espoirs ALS association, whose goal is to communicate and fight against ALS disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), the encounter between crocodiles and dolphins took place in Saint-Bauzély. For the anecdote it was FC Sète who won 5-3, but the essence lies elsewhere. After this moment of conviviality, a lottery was organized, the proceeds of which were donated to the Espoirs SLA association. The AANO has made a donation of € 200 for its part.


Sanad in the 1000. USAM came back into the race for the European places this Sunday by beating Dunkirk 34-23. A success that will allow Yann Balmossière’s players to come back to within two points of sixth place in the Starligue, synonymous with qualification for the European League. The other highlight of the gathering is the 1,000and goal achieved by Mohammad Sanad with USAM in five seasons. An event that received a standing ovation from the Parnassus crowd as well as the players of the the green team who posed with the hero of the day after the match.


Beaten on Rumilly 19-16, the RCN will have to win on Saturday before the return match against Kaufmann (photo RCN – Facebook)

The match against Rumilly. On Saturday at 6.30 pm, the Rugby Club receives Nîmes at the Nicolas-Kaufmann stadium Rumilly for the return leg of the quarter-finals of the first federal division. Defeated 19-16 yesterday in Haute-Savoie for the first leg, the RCN remains in the race for the semi-finals. The Gardois will have to win by at least four points to qualify for the last four. On this occasion, the counters will open at 4 p.m. and a kid zone for children will be set up. On the snack side, oysters are announced and the aperitif is supposed to start at 5 pm. This leaves 1h30 to prepare for the match. Finally, at the end of the match, whether there is a win or not, the third half starts at 9pm.