LA MINUTE SPORT Sports news for next Thursday May 19th

Sidy Sarr has a good chance of not being in Nimes next season (Photo Anthony Maurin).

As every day from Monday to Friday, discover the essence of Gard sports news in a few pieces of information.

Olympic Nmes

The departing trio. We explained to you a few days ago that the entire Nimes midfielder was at risk of being substituted during the summer transfer window. The lone survivor should be Julien Ponceau, who is on track to be loaned out again by Lorient next season. According to our information, it is the wish of the management of Nîmes to separate as a matter of priority from the trio consisting of Sidy Sarr, Lamine Fomba and Yassine Benrahou. Three players who don’t want to wear the Crocos shirt anymore. For the first city, the story with the Gard club should end this summer with contract termination while he is still attached to the club until June 2023. Even though it looks like it’s on the right track, nothing has been signed yet. On the other hand, it will not be so easy as the former Auxerrois and the former Bordelais bought almost €3M and €1.5M respectively. The club wants to sell the two midfielders and thus recover financial compensation. The privileged tracks would be abroad for the time being. Dutch clubs would have positioned themselves for Benrahou and rather German for Fomba. It is from June 10, the date of the official opening of the transfer window, that everything should accelerate, whether it is departure or arrival.

Reda Hammache, new sporting director of Red Star (Photo Red Star)

Hammache rebounds at Red Star† For several weeks, the former sports director of Nîmes Olympique Reda Hammache was announced at Red Star. The Ile-de-France club that plays in National formalized the news yesterday. The 39-year-old will hold the same position as sports director at this club in Seine-Saint-Denis, the division where he comes from: “It is with great pride and determination that I return to this area that is dear to me to contribute to the development of this very special club, Red Star FC”, The interested party responded on the club’s website. In two years at the NO (from December 2019 to December 2021), Reda Hammache will have left a mixed record. He is at the origin of the arrival of Yassine Benrahou and Moussa Koné, great architects of the maintenance obtained in Ligue 1 before the pandemic in March 2020. His most striking fact remains the recruitment of Birger Meling bought 1 million euros in the summer of 2020 and 3M€ sold by the Crocos in Rennes. On the other hand, less successful moves must also be attributed to him, such as the arrival of Nolan Roux, Patrick Burner and especially Karim Aribi, who left the club last January.


Alesian supporters will be in Nimes on Saturday. (Photo Lens Gard)

Prevention is better than cure. The confrontation that looms this Saturday evening (6:00 pm) at La Bastide between the Olympique Reserve of Nîmes and the OAC seems to alarm the leaders of the two clubs, who play the card of anticipation by coming to information. Particularly influential in the community of Alesian supporters, Mickaël Bertrand, manager of the Allez-Alès site and co-founder of Kop Cévennes Heritage (KCH), was approached by the Oacien club. “The leaders of the OAC have asked me, at the request of those of Nîmes Olympique, to find out the exact number of supporters who planned to make the trip to ensure their safety on the spot”he admits. And to add: “I think they were afraid that we were as numerous as we were in Agde and that the Gladiators were not doing well. † But, because this match is not “no sports problem” for the OAC, guaranteed to evolve to National 2 next season after its draw against Toulouse II, the Cévenol Cup heritage does not organize a trip to the capital of the Gard.If it was the climbing race it would be different”, assures Mickaël Bertand, who will be careful not to go to the Bastide this Saturday. Some members of the Kop, without the usual tarpaulin or flags, plan to attend the meeting anyway. “I’ve seen some fans from both clubs warming up to each other on Twitter. I don’t want to turn this game into mayonnaise because it can’t be a derby against a reserve team. The only real derby will be against the first team, maybe next year in the Coupe de France., the co-founder of KCH develops. And he concludes: “I think some of the young people in the group are not familiar with this historic rivalry. They are warned by explaining to them that there could be some animosity on the part of the Nîmes.” Enough for a meeting oh so important to have the maintenance of the Crocos take place in a quiet atmosphere? Answer Saturday evening around 8pm, after the final whistle.

Norman Jardin, Corentin Migoule and Corentin Corger.