LA MINUTE SPORT Sports news for next Wednesday 20 April

Eliasson scored the winning goal with the captain’s armband [Photo via MaxPPP]

As every day from Monday to Friday, discover the essence of Gard sports news in a few pieces of information.

Olympic Nmes

We do the bills† The Crocodiles were relieved last night to have won (0-1) at Rouen at the Robert-Diochon stadium against a very pale Norman formation. If it is not the most beautiful victory, it is very precious because it brings the total number of points of the Nîmes to 43. So the maintenance is practically in the bag, but it cannot be officially declared, however. Pablo Martinez’s teammates are now nine points ahead of Quevilly-Rouen, the roadblock. A draw for Nîmes against Rodez on Friday (9pm) would not be enough to be officially enforced if QRM doesn’t lose to Nancy at the same time. On the other hand, NO can certainly be saved by beating Rodez. In this case, the calculations (of the classification) will be finalized and the leaders of Nîmes will be able to dedicate themselves to the preparation of the 2022-2023 season which promises to be lively with a workforce that will have to be largely overhauled.

Eliasson, captain of the goalscorer† The Swede from Nîmes Olympique spent a great evening in Rouen. Not only did the NO win a game that practically ensures their preservation in Ligue 2 (see above), but it was also the one to score the only goal of the win. It is the seventh time that the former Bristol City player has shaken the net this season (Valenciennes, Dunkerque, Niort, Dijon, Grenoble, Paris FC and QRM yesterday). His seven goals are added to his five assists. So Niclas Eliasson has been involved in 12 Nîmes goals this season, only Yassine Benrahou does better (19). But the big novelty is that the attacking midfielder wore the captain’s armband for the first time (which he gave to Pablo Martinez when it came into play, editors note). In this area Eliasson passed Fomba who should have worn the bracelet yesterday. † It was a pleasure and with the win it was even better.” underlined, very happy, the Swedish-Brazilian from Nîmes Olympique.

Mbow took his first win with Nîmes (Photo Anthony Maurin).

A first and an injury for Mbow. Since February, Nicolas Usaï has made him one of his base men. The central defender hired from Stade de Reims has started eight times in the past twelve days. Yesterday against QRM he experienced the joy of not conceding a goal and even taking his first win with the Crocos. But the Senegalese international’s evening was ruined in the 62and as for the result of a shock with a Norman striker, he left with an injury. The player hit in the right ribs, leaving his partners grimaces. An hour after the encounter, the pain was still there. This Wednesday, Mamadou Mbow passed an X-ray that appears to have revealed nothing serious. In any case, it remains uncertain to participate in the meeting against Rodez in two days.

Nicolas Usaï is in Clermont this Wednesday for his continuing professional training (Photo Yannick Pons / Objectif Gard)

Usaï, a detour via Clermont† When the Nîmes returned to the Gard after the meeting, the coach did not follow the same route. As part of his further training as a coach, Nicolas Usaï must indeed undergo a so-called “retraining day”. The latter took place this Wednesday in Clermont-Ferrand. The NO bus will remain in Auvergne until tomorrow evening. It was the coaching staff who led the session at the Bastide this morning. In addition, assistant Christophe Raymond will present himself to the media tomorrow for the traditional press conference on the eve of the match. He had already taken on this role at the time of Pascal Plancque.