LA MINUTE SPORT Sports news for next Wednesday May 4th

Antoine Valerio requests the trip to Toulouse, while Théo Sainte-Luce is forfeited (Photo Anthony Maurin)

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Olympic Nmes

A larger group in Toulouse? They were only 16 on the score sheet in Nancy and that didn’t stop the Crocodiles from winning in the bottom 3-1. But for the final stage of the season, Saturday in Toulouse, the Nîmes will likely adopt an opposite strategy. It is indeed a group of 20 to 21 players that should go towards Haute-Garonne. With the reserve not playing this weekend, it could be an opportunity for some young people to get behind the pro group and the context of the competition 2. Antoine Valerio, who has resumed training, will apply for a place in the group, which will not be the case for Théo Sainte-Luce, still hampered by injury. The meeting is sure to sell out as the TFC will try to capture the title of Ligue 2 champion. There will also be gardois in the stands as fifty Gladiators will make the journey.

Thibault Vargas, a new crocodile? (photo LBC – Facebook)

Thibaut Vargas in Nmes? During his speech on Monday, Rani Assaf announced that three players had already signed for Nîmes Olympique next season. Among the players likely to appear in this list is Thibaut Vargas who plays in Châteauroux in National. This 21-year-old right-back is one of the revelations of this championship with an attacking profile. He has scored three goals this season and provided three assists in 24 appearances. Nicolas Usaï did not rub his feet during his stay in Berry, as the Montpellier-trained defender arrived in January 2021, a few weeks after his departure. Thibaut Vargas was bought permanently by the Castelroussin club last summer and signed for a year with an optional two-year extension. If the option is not exercised, Nîmes does not have to pay anything to revoke this right. The coach of Nîmes is very eager to bring this player to the Crocos and that could already be done. According to our information, another player from Châteauroux has been targeted by the NO. The experienced central defender Yannick M’bone (29) was able to match the wanted profile at the end of the contract. Nicolas Usaï knows him well because he had him under his command for two years (2018-2020). Among the other players the coach has managed and would like to find, we can also mention Youssouf M’changama (31 years old), captain of Guingamp, author of 7 goals and 14 assists in 31 matches played. The two men played together at Marseille Consolat from 2014 to 2016. Before facing Guingamp this season, Nicolas Usaï praised the attacking midfielder who is also at the end of his contract. If Nîmes has arguments, there must be competition on this file.

Elderly with a big heart. The former Nîmes Olympique returns to service this weekend. On Saturday at 4.30 pm, the ex-glories of NO will meet their FC Sète counterparts in the Saint-Bauzély stadium. It will bring back memories of the days of the hot derbies between the dolphins and the crocodiles. On the side of the Nimes, we find in particular Grégory Meilhac, Mohamed Benyachou, Didier Place, Abderaouf Zarabi and Omar Belbey. During this friendly match, the former football players will be committed to charity as the money collected by the tombola and the donations will be donated to the association “Espoir SLA” which fights against Charcot’s disease. Access to the game will be free.


Admission to the Pierre-Pibarot stadium for the game against the Toulouse reserve is free (photo Norman Jardin)

Controls all in blue. Having missed the opportunity to validate their rise to N2 in Agde (3-0 defeat), the Alésiens will have another chance on May 14 at 7 p.m. to formalize access to the upper floor. On that day, the OAC on behalf of the 23 . host the reserve of Toulouse FCand day of National 3. To find the fourth French level, Stéphane Saurat’s players will have to do just as well as Agde who will play in Blagnac an hour earlier. On the occasion of this match, which could well be historic for Alès, entry to the Pierre-Pibarot stadium is free. The OAC also calls on its supporters to ” color the stands blue and white in the colors of the OAC.

Corentin Corger and Norman Jardin