LA MINUTE SPORT Sports news for this Tuesday May 10th

Yassine Benrahou has touches abroad (Photo Anthony Maurin).

As every day from Monday to Friday, discover the essence of Gard sports news in a few pieces of information.

Olympic Nmes

Bratveit probably won’t be in Nimes in a few weeks (Photo Anthony Maurin).

Fomba and Sarr at the start? We keep repeating, Nîmes Olympique will see a major shift in its workforce this summer. Departure times are provided in each line. And it starts with the goalkeeper. The NO would no longer want to keep Per Kritian Bratveit, whose buy option is € 450,000.-. It wouldn’t be a financial issue, but more a state of mind of the player who would also be on the shelves of Saint-Étienne (L1) and Montpellier (L1). Lucas Dias, author of interesting performances against Nancy and Toulouse, would not necessarily be propelled to the No. 1 position and the recruiting cell would already have a profile in mind to replace the Norwegian international. Followed by ASSE, Anthony Briançon must leave” if Saint-Étienne makes him a concrete proposal, it will be difficult for Nîmes to align” says a source familiar with the case. In this sector, Versailles player (N2) Maël Durand de Gevigney (22) should arrive, but the Nîmes front-runners are also looking for a more experienced centre-back. In midfield, Lamine Fomba and Sidy Sarr could leave as they no longer fit Nimes’ plans, even if the club loses money. Finally, Yassine Benrahou, the top scorer en passant (12 goals and 8 assists) was also allowed to leave Nîmes and the hottest tracks send him abroad.


1,000 flags will be distributed in support of the OAC. (Photo OAC)

1,000 flags at Pibarot. While a few days ago we announced the free entry to the Pibarot stadium on the occasion of the Toulouse reception this Saturday evening, the leaders of the OAC are going wild by decorating it with a spread of flags. Indeed, the club has ordered 1,000 colored flags (500 blue flags, 500 white flags), which will be given to supporters upon arrival at the stadium. The latter will be invited to shake them for 90 minutes to animate the announced Pibarot stand fuller than usual. “I was at the Stade de France this weekend for the Coupe de France final. That’s how I got the idea! When I see the atmosphere on the side of the Nantes supporters, it’s fantastic! If Nantes won, it’s also because they played against the twelfth man.”, general manager Philippe Mallaroni marvels. With these operations, the Oaciens leaders hope to help their players validate their entry into National 2, fifteen days after a painful setback in Agde (3-0) that, barring a disaster, would remain without consequences.

FF Nmes Metropolis

The players of Nîmes Métropole will have to go through the drafts to stay in D2 (photo Gilles Pelissier)

The dams for the inhabitants of Nîmes. For their last D2 championship game, the players of Nîmes Métropole Gard lost at home to Thonon-Evian, 1-3. A defeat that does not change the fate of the Gardoises, because at the same time Marseille won 3-2 in Montauban. Even with a win, Nîmes would not have avoided the play-off spot. So Ludovic Gros’ players will still have to fight to save their heads in D2. They will have to go through the play-off box against teams from Region 1. They will have to go through two rounds (round trip) which will take place on June 5 and 12 (first round) and June 19 and 26 (second round). † The opponents are designated by a geographical draw, the date of which is not yet known. Among the teams that could be on the road to Nîmoise are Lattes, Clermont, Valence, Toulouse and Monaco. † The club to avoid is Monaco. This team evolves into the Mediterranean hen that has been raised more than Occitanie. In addition, they eliminated Marseille in the Coupe de France.” explains Christian Taves, the chairman of FFNMG. On maintenance, the Nîmes are gearing up for a complicated 2022-23 season as with the championship revision, the last five of the two groups are relegated from D2 to D3.


Eco-responsible jogging† This Wednesday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. USAM is participating in an eco-responsible jogging (plogging† This event takes place on a route that starts at the Bosquet (near the kiosk at the entrance to the Jardins de la Fontaine) and then continues through the streets of Nîmes. There are three routes to choose from around the Roman monuments. Tour Magne, Maison Carrée, Porte d’Auguste and the bullrings. The participants run or walk to collect the waste left behind on the public road. This one plogging will take place in the presence of professional players and all licensees of USAM Nîmes Gard. † It is a real pleasure to combine sport and eco-responsibility at this event in collaboration with the NHL and Nîmes City Hall. More than ever, the USAM Nîmes Gard club will invest in communicating its values. We must set an example for the future of our youth on a greener planet! † underlines David Tebib, the president of USAM.